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Kids Party SOS….

“Mum, I want a party.” Those were the words I heard when Addison got out the bath the other week. Now don’t think of me as a scrooge or a party pooper, it’s just on a good day I just about manage to clear up after Addison and keep the house tidy – the thought of 8 children running round my house with sticky fingers, ice cream and jelly all of which are going through potty training has filled me with utter dread.

However, I’ve thrown myself into the task with glee.  I have scoured party shelves in Sainsburys and Tesco’s for items for party bags; I have spent an evening of my life stuffing a pinata and in the process of this my husband has been introduced to the addictive world of the pound shop.

There’s been a week long quest for party bag toys.  It would be too simple to have the same toys for all so there’s party toys for the girls and party toys for the boys.  As if deciding what to put in wasn’t complicated enough, shall they all get annoying whistles or just the boys, there was then the debate of what will the other mothers’ think if I pick inappropriate toys.

The addition of party toys on last week’s shopping bill took it into three figures, with party food and cake ingredients still to buy this week I expect another similarly heart stopping food bill.  I’ve tried to keep food simple, after all I expect the kids will be pretty busy with party games and their toys and thinking back to my childhood there’s a few of my favourites in there such as pineapple and cheese on sticks, sausage hedgehog, fairy bread, homemade pizza and a mix of ham and tuna sandwiches.

Hopefully the other kids will enjoy some of Addison’s favourite things.

The party theme is a real eclectic mix; Addison really enjoys playing on the Magic Belles website and her favourite is Butterfly Belle so we’ve got a butterfly theme mixed in with Addison’s favourite creatures….dinosaurs!

I suppose what I am really worried about is will I create a good enough party for Addison, is she expecting more than I can deliver, will her friends have fun or will they hate every minute of the two hours with me?  What happens if they won’t join in the party games and how do I make sure they all know what to do?!

Are home parties still OK or should we have gone to a Build A Bear Workshop or some playzone?


Party invites have gone out to her eight closest nursery friends and hopefully most of them will be able to make it otherwise we will be eating party food for weeks!  Next week I will post up pictures and a blog about whether I make it through and my house survives and the if the kids ultimately have a good time.

In the meantime I will continue removing the valuables from easy to reach places!

1 thought on “Kids Party SOS….

  1. I absolutely love the fact that Magic Belles will be mixed in with dinosaurs! A fab idea! In my experience (5-year-old daughter), they’ll be so excited to see each other and to get cake, they’ll have a fab time just playing and scoffing treats. Hope it goes well and that Addison has a fab time! xx

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