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Holidaying Without the Kids

Daddy E turns 40 this year, April in fact and whilst I am not one for celebrating milestone birthdays (once you start where do you stop?) it would be nice for us to do something together as we’ve also been married 10 years this year and together for thirteen.  In today’s world where celebs divorce at the drop of a hat and the word ‘marriage’ is taken far too lightly by some I think it’s an achievement when a couple stays together through thick and thin, and there’s been a lot of dark times in our 10 years together but we’ve always come through.  For me this year marks the start of a turning point and I can’t think of anything nicer than getting some quality time together as a couple and not as a mum and dad.

So my thoughts got to turning to where could we go, what could we do and the one thing that keeps coming up in my mind is going away for a break – just the two of us. How realistic is this though and when you become parents, and is holidaying without the kids allowed or is this a taboo subject?

I love our family holidays, they are always chaotic, full of days out and not so much rest and relaxation but more fun and games.  I do though however miss those holidays where it was just the two of us.  Where we could laze around at a hotel or villa, take long walks on the beach and chill out by a pool with a couple of margueritas or beers by the side watching the sun go down.  In reality these sorts of holidays don’t happen that often when you become parents, not until the kids decide it’s too ‘uncool’ to come away with you or they get a better off their mates, and I really think that time together alone as a couple is an essential part of a healthy relationship.

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Wanting that time apart from Addison I don’t think makes us bad parents, if anything a week recharging our batteries somewhere without being in ‘mum and dad’ mode would benefit us all.  Roo would get some quality time with grandparents (if they’d have her of course), we’d get some personal time as a couple to do all those things you can’t do when the kids are around (wink, wink).  I know it would be weird as no doubt I’d miss Roo terribly whilst we are away but I know she’s perfectly safe and happy with family here and for her it would be like a mini holiday as my mum and dad are great at doing things with her both at home and for days out.

I am looking at going somewhere a little bit special as a surprise for Daddy E (can’t say too much as I know he reads the blog), and the word ‘family friendly’ isn’t cropping up too much in the destinations I am looking at so it seems sensible and practical to look at doing something just the two of us later in the year and having a big family party with Roo in April for his actual birthday.

Would you ever consider holidaying without the kids, or for you is a family holiday the only thing you’d ever consider?


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