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Holiday packing…why it’s all about the checklist

packing tips for holidays - guest blog postWhen most people think of the word holiday, they conjure up visions of picturesque, windswept beaches, hour-upon-interrupted hour of ‘me’ time, and the kind of whimsical adventures that you would only dare to undertake once you’re away from British shores.

Ask any parent what first springs to mind when they put the words family and holiday into the same sentence and the answer is invariably likely to be something along the lines of…well…organised chaos.


Is not that our little ones don’t love their time splashing about in the sea, and building sandcastles that are unlikely to last the best part of a day, it’s just that away from a familiar environment all sense of routine can go out of the window. Cue tears, tantrums and a frazzled set of parents.

But it’s not all doom and gloom…far from it, and I have clocked up a few memorable and generally incident-free family holidays as testament to this fact, it’s just that without the right preparation in place you could be facing seven days or more of stress, rather than relaxation.

Although under normal circumstances I am ‘take it as it comes’ kind of parent, when it comes to holiday planning, I’m not afraid to draw up a checklist or two. Which is why I was pretty excited to see the launch of a ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign by a travel insurance company recently.

As Andrew Lawrence, CEO at travel insurance provider Questor Insurance says;

“The ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign will give consumers the tools they need to make choices about their holiday plans that will reflect their needs, while being conscious of holidaymakers’ need to maximise the gains from their holiday budget during the current economic climate”.

Great. The more help all of us need to make savings when on holiday the better in my book. So here are my three top tips for creating a holiday packing checklist.

  1. Take a look pre-created lists

Sites such as Mumsnet have already done the hard work for parents and created holiday packing checklists for anything from a beach holiday to a skiing holiday, so why reinvent the wheel? Simply find a list you like, print it off and adapt it to suit your needs.

  1. Don’t forget about the carry on cases

While we normally pay great attention to the items we put in our suitcase, it’s equally important that our carry on case it stocked up with the right items – particularly if we’re going on a mid-haul or long-haul flight.

Putting in a few items that will keep the little ones occupied is essential, and this can be anything from their favourite toys to a few picture books. As temperatures tend to dip in airplane cabins packing in an extra jumper or blanket will also come in handy.

  1. Remember that you can always top-up at your destination

It can be tempting to include every conceivable item known to man on your holiday packing list from a mini hairdryer to the contents of your local pharmacy. However, unless you are heading deep into the Amazon rainforest you should be able to stock up on anything you need in the local area surrounding your resort.


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