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Holiday essentials when heading off for a UK break?

Holidays are a roller coaster of extremes; the joys of picking your destination and the build up to your departure date, then the stress of what to pack, what not to pack and of course when you’re in the UK the all important question ‘do you pack your umbrella?’

Holidaying in the UK has distinct advantages;

  • no luggage weight restrictions
  • no faffing about whether or not you can drink the water
  • no messing about with silly holiday currency
  • no jet lag

Take all of the above and combine it with some beautiful country scenery, vibrant cities and amazing beaches the UK has a lot to offer as a holiday destination.  Admittedly you can’t bank on the weather, but you could head abroad and fall victim to a freak storm so it is one of those chances you take.

holiday packing essentials

I always think holidaying in the UK is like holidaying in a home from home; we have some brilliant places to decamp to and have over 2000 eclectic properties for you to choose from so you won’t be stuck for choice.The problem can be though deciding what are are those holiday essentials you just can’t leave home without, because with no luggage restrictions (other than the size of your car boot or your ability to lug cases about) well it can be tough deciding what to leave at home.

I am one of the 20 bloggers chosen to take part in a must-haves competition so I’ve put together my personal list of things I always pack when traveling within the UK with my children – reading this I can tell that I am approaching 40 as one thing in particular is something I’ve teased my parents about for a while now!

  • my own tea – whether I am heading to a hotel or a self-catering bolt hole I am a stickler for my own tea.  It has to be Twinings Breakfast Tea and I can’t leave home without packing a box to make sure that every brew I have whilst away from home is as good as being made in my own kitchen.  Home comforts all the way for me.
  • my pillows – yes really I will pack my own pillows!  I cannot stand paying for my holiday only to find that on arrival there are either not enough pillows or even worse that the pillows that are provided on my bed are what I call ‘Paul Daniels pillows’; if you’ve not come across these, they are pillows where you put your head on them and thanks to being cheap and nasty your head literally sinks into the abyss!  The whole point in coming away on holiday is that you feel rested and relaxed…if I don’t get a good night sleep then neither of these objectives are achieved and I am grumpier than a bear without honey.  See I told you I sounded like a female version of Victor Meldrew, but seriously how can you advertise 5 star accommodation if your beds are of a YMCA standard?
  • iPad – if you’ve got kids and want to retain your sanity both on the journey and when you reach your destination then an iPad or similar tablet device is a holiday essential in my book.  Whether you load it with fun apps, talking books or movies when the weather is bad you can if all else feels host your own holiday movie or games night and get all the family having fun and forgetting about the bad weather spoiling the day.
  • Lastly…wine!  An absolute essential if you’re heading to a hotel where you will be fleeced by the in-room mini bar for an extortionate amount of money should you drink theirs.  If you’re self catering then you’ll need to crack open a bottle on your arrival to get you through the unpacking and the mad dash to make something for tea and it saves finding the local shop in the middle of nowhere for emergency supplies.

Those are just some of my holiday essentials.

What are the thing you just cannot do without if you holiday in the UK?

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