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Half Term Activities Adventure Ideas

Let’s face it half term fills kids with excitement and many parents with dread. Luckily for me Roo is still at nursery so it means more time for blogging, erm I mean serious housework. All joking aside with money getting tighter than ever it is great to find half term activities that aren’t going to break the bank but that will keep little monkeys and big monkeys entertained.

Thankfully the clever people over at The Woodland Trust have come up with a range of half term activities with a real adventure theme that are bound to keep miniature explorers busy and out from under your feet!

Even better news the half term activities and ideas are totally 100% FREE to download all it will cost you is the paper and ink to print them on and there are 20 of them so you have no worry about running out by day 2 of the holidays!

From a woodland adventure booklet to creating an exciting game of snail racing there is loads to print off and get involved with and hopefully the weather will stay fair enough to get involved outside with things like pond dipping. Should we get washed out then there are indoor craft activites such as colouring puzzles and making a butterfly mobile.

So mum’s and dad’s don’t panic…just click over to The Woodland Trust to get your half term activities planned out and your little one’s will think you are awesome for creating such fabulous adventures for them!

Feet up now please & let’s all go and eat some cake….

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