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Guest Post: Be Adventurous with Food

I must admit we’re big foodies in this house and I love cooking – it relaxes me and trying new recipes and foods from different cultures is exciting.  I would hope that Roo grows up to have my love of food too and whist she is like most four year olds a resonable eater she can be fussy and prone to refusing things she’s not sure of when out and about.  Take a read of the guest post today which focuses on the familiar phrase of your eyes being bigger than your belly!

When you’re eating out, you might look down at your plate to discover that, despite feeling full, there’s still a little bit of food left. Sometimes, you’re given too much to eat at a restaurant; while there are occasions where the meal you’re served is a little disappointing.

A Japanese restaurant made the news recently after fining diners who didn’t finish their food. This move has caused outrage, not least because the restaurant’s customers will feel aggrieved about being told to eat something against their will; but is there another way?

red-hot-world-buffetTurning Japanese

Japanese cuisine isn’t hugely popular in the UK, although some restaurants are serving delicacies including sushi, which is slowly becoming a lunchbox favourite for many people. Despite the fact that fresh ingredients are at the heart of Japanese food, it hasn’t quite caught on yet. But why?

The main reason could be that it’s not being cooked right by some restaurants claiming to specialise in making it. Many Japanese dishes require meticulous preparation, something which many hard-pressed chefs find hard to grasp, but a chain of restaurants do offer Japanese food cooked to perfection.

Eating without frontiers

Restaurant chain Red Hot World Buffet have restaurants in Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester and beyond, all of them serving food made according to authentic Japanese recipes. Noodles, sushi, tempura and more are made freshly in front of visitors’ eyes before being served whenever the diners are ready to chow down.

Anyone who’s ever had second thoughts about eating Japanese food will surely enjoy it if made correctly. Also, in visiting Red Hot World Buffet, there’s no need to worry about how much you can eat. All their restaurants have an ‘all you can eat’ policy, meaning you have nothing to worry about if you feel too full to have another salmon roll or mouthful of noodles!

At the minute if we are trying to tempt her with something new we will say we’re going on a food adventure and usually she’s keen to try the new food – do you have any tips for getting the kids to try new tastes, flavours and food types?

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