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Grandparents Day Baking Challenge

Grandparents’ Day was founded in America in the 1970’s by Marian McQuade who campaigned tirelessly for a national holiday to recognise the contribution that the older generation gave to their families and wider society.

In 1990 the occasion was brought over to the UK by the charity Age Concern for the very same reasons. Since its introduction more than two decades ago, Grandparents’ Day has grown steadily in popularity but with only 66% of grandparents having celebrated the occasion there is still plenty more work to do to raise awareness of this special day and turn it into a widely celebrated event.

Why should we celebrate Grandparents’ Day?

Grandparents make up one third of the UK population and 1.7 million join the ranks every year. Half of all grandparents regularly look after their own children’s offspring amounting to a staggering £33 billion worth of childcare every year! Unsurprisingly many grandparents do this out of love alone with 72% claiming that being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life.

Grandparents’ Day offers the perfect opportunity to show your grandparents just how much you love and appreciate them.

The Grandparents Baking Day Challenge

Interflora is challenging the baking blogger community to create a delicious treat for Grandparents’ Day on Sunday 7th October. Whether it’s a recipe that’s been handed down to you from generation to generation, something you have fond memories of baking with your grandma in the kitchen or simply a delicious sweet treat to celebrate the occasion, we want you to get baking for Grandparents’ Day.

Interflor are asking you to blog about the occasion and then send in your photos and recipes which will be uploaded to their blog with a link to your website.

I know from my point of view Roo’s grandparents are very special as they are the only extended family we have. So for our Grandparents Day Baking Challenge I shall be creating one of Poppop’s old favourites bread and butter pudding for Roo to take over for her sleepover at their house on Saturday.  Bound to get me brownie points and Roo and extra special Poppop cuddle.

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