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Gorgeous Maternity Dresses for Bump and Beyond

I loved being pregnant but I hated maternity clothing; I was unlucky to pile on the weight when pregnant and quickly outgrew my wardrobe and found it a real struggle to look stylish and comfortable with a lot of the god awful high street clothing.  After the birth of Roo my wardrobe seemed to consist of unflattering long sleeve tops and jogging bottoms that either made me still look pregnant or simply made me look well, erm fat and like a beach whale wheeling a new born baby around.

I look round at the maternity clothing now on the market and it is so much better than what I wore when pregnant and quite frankly I’d wears some of it even if not pregnant, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing!  Yes for the last week and a bit I’ve been wearing the most gorgeous maternity dresses from new British maternity clothing company Bibee Dresses.

Bibee Dresses is the brain child of Nicola Norris.  Nicola knows that maintaining a stylish wardrobe when becoming a new mum, is a dream we all have, but it is not always easy. Baby feeding inevitably means your outfits are regularly decorated with milk stains and you quickly become frustrated, or ambivalent, about what you look like.

gorgeous maternity dresses for breastfeeding mum'sShe began creating a range of stylish new designer maternity dresses and Bibee Dresses was born.  Each of the gorgeous Bibee Dresses, brings a trouble-free solution to new mums who are not prepared to compromise on style or quality.  The perfect dress for maternity and breast-feeding, the Bibee Dress has a smart design that allows you to change the chest or ‘Bib’ of your dress – creating a capsule wardrobe, which avoids last minute ‘what to wear’ dilemmas and gives hassle-free access for breast-feeding. Perfect in an emergency, you simply carry an extra Bibee Bib in your nappy bag, along with baby’s spare outfit, for a quick change anywhere, ensuring pregnant ladies and new mum’s always look great – no matter what the day holds.

Bibee Bibs come in a range of beautiful designs and colours, perfect for both daytime dressing and evening glamour. By simply purchasing a range of Bibs co-ordinating with your favourite Bibee Dress, you have an instant maternity wardrobe that will take you from mummy-time to me-time.

The luxury fabric and A-line cut of the dress flatters a growing bump and doesn’t cling to a post baby figure, helping new-mums feel more glamorous until their figure returns to its pre-pregnancy shape. The dress is pleated, disguising the waist and giving a sophisticated swing to the skirt.

The removable Bibee Bib is designed to open at one side, allowing breast -feeding mums the opportunity to subtly feed when out and about, without the need of a cover-up. Attached by buttons on the shoulders and under the arms, the Bibee Bib covers the areas most susceptible to stains, such as the shoulders and chest, and can be easily removed and replaced.

The staple maternity wardrobe item that will carry you through pregnancy and beyond and has some really clever design features to save mum’s time, money and less time at the ironing board – yes really!

  • Money – by reducing sporadic ‘help me I have a new figure’ purchases;
  • Time – deciding what to wear;
  • Washing and ironing – as you can simply wash the Bibee Bib in isolation…and it makes breast-feeding easy!

The Bibee Dress is a perfect choice for a busy mummy who is not prepared to compromise on style or quality.

luxury maternity clothingNicola sent me a beautiful deep aubergine dress to try and two of the Bibee Bib’s a patterned and a plain one.  The fabric of the dress was gorgeous, a soft, warm jersey fabric that kept me warm and comfortable all day and made me feel really glam. I loved the shape of the dress, it didn’t make me look like a balloon and teamed with leggings or thick tights it looked fabulous.  I rocked out in wedge heels and boots and felt like stylish and bang on trend.  Not once did I feel strange wearing a maternity dress people even commented on my outfit saying they loved the style and shape of it.

It washed fantastically and ironed like a dream.  The bibs are quick and easy to change and I was able to dress up the dress for evening by putting on one of the patterned dresses.  All in all I totally loved this beautiful dress.  From the simple design with beautiful fluid lines to the clever features designed to keep pregnant mum’s and new mum’s stylish and comfortable leave me in no doubt that this will be a new range of maternity dresses that women will absolutely love.

Bibee Dresses including a matching Bibee Bib start at a RRP of £175.00 with individual Bibee Bibs available at RRP £40.00-£50.00 The Bibee Bib range includes designs incorporating flowers, birds, jewellery and more. Bibee T -shirts are also available to sit underneath the Bibee Dress RRP£40.

You can see the entire range of Bibee Dresses on their website www.bibeedresses.co.uk and they can also be found on all social media channels below.




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