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Gorgeous ESPA Skincare

ESPA skincareLast Friday I was excited as I was being whisked off for a lovely weekend at The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales by Mr Darcy.  He was on a golfing event and needed by skills as an expert caddy…yeah right, I had been nagging for a night away and so to get some peace and quiet he quite happily agreed.

Before going down I headed over to Tranquility Spa which is the onsite spa at the Virgin Active health club I am a member of.  I was booked in for my Jessica GELeration manicure which would be my monthly treat but my skin was looking pretty tired, a bit dry and neglected so I was in need of a facial.

Luckily the salon had a cancellation and my therapist Beth was able to fit me in for one of their 20 minute express ESPA facials.  The next 20 minutes whilst I lay on a lovely warm bed, covered in super fluffy towels was absolute bliss.  Beth carried out an analysis of my skin and identified the troublesome spots, my cheeks were particularly dry so she wanted to use some of their fabulous face treatment oils to really replenish and nourish my skin.



She opted for the ESPA regenerating face treatment oil which contains jasmine to tone and firm the skin, Carrot Oil which helps boosts collagen and enhance skin elasticity and smooth lines. Antioxidant-rich Avocado and Jojoba offer intensive protection against environmental damage, while Frankincense stimulates cell renewal and Wheatgerm richly nourishes skin. This is perfect for those long winter months where cold winds and central heating batter your skin relentlessly and your skin needs a bit of extra TLC.

The smell was divine and my skin felt like velvet once applied without feeling overly greasy or oily as some face oils can do.  In the facial my other favourite skin pick me up was the new Optimal Skin Proserum.  Since November I have been hooked on Lancome’s skin serum but since the cold snap found that it was drying the temples of my skin out and causing issues of redness.

The new ESPA ProSerum has been designed to revitalise and refresh skin and combat the signs of anti-ageing.  Enriched with nourishing Omega (3,6 & 9), Vitamins (A & E) and proactive natural extracts Turmeric, White Lupin and Sunflower this formulation helps brighten and even skin tone, enhance elasticity, firm and protect against premature ageing. I could literally feel my skin absorbing the light refreshing oils and my skin was like velvet once Beth had finished working her magic.


Over the next 24 hours the redness on my skin began to fade and my skin looked less tired and much more hydrated. Tone was even and my skin generally felt less taught than it had been in previous days.  As a result of my facial I have invested in several pieces that Beth used as recently I’ve started to take much better care of my skin whereas until a few years ago I was a bugger for leaving my make up and going to bed. Rarely did I cleanse, tone and moisturise as this was just something that prevented me from getting into bed and going to sleep but now I can see the benefits of taking care of my skin and also that if my skin looks good and feels good then I feel good to.


If like me you’re a bit lazy in looking after your skin then the team over at ESPA put together a brilliant blog on winter skincare tips that is well worth a read.  So kettle on, feet up and start looking after yourself.

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