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Gorgeous Ballet Flats

Ballet flat pumpsIt’s that time of year when all things sparkly and gorgeous hit the shops.  Everywhere on the high street there is party wear galore, dresses covered in sequins, stunning lingerie and sky scraper heels that look gorgeous but have zero practicality other than for sitting and looking and pretty. 

I have a weakness for heels but due to bad knees rarely wear them as it is most likely to end in disaster and a trip to A&E with a dislocated knee cap…again.  So quite often I look for ballet flats and pumps to make a signature statement with my outfit and this year I have been on a trek to find some to go with some gorgeous cigarette pants I’ve got from Zara for Christmas Day this year.

Now I love Zara, if I could buy shares in the store I would, their clothing is just divine and I love the website ideas and look-book section and can spend hours on there putting things in my basket and running away…sad I know and I’m not sure I should admit my ‘virtual shopping’ addiction here in front of my readers!

So yesterday whilst I was perusing the boots section (a girl can never have enough boots) I headed over to the special prices section of the site which usually has a few hidden gems to be had if you’re quick enough each day.  Scrolling to the bottom of the page, past the tempting double breasted black wool coat that is under £30 (yes a black wool timeless classic coat for under £30 you did read that right) there at the bottom of the page were some stunning shiny pointed ballerina flats.


I love everything about them, their point toe, the cute practical heel, the bar across the front to draw attention to the detail of the beading and the colour.  Stunning turquoise and azure blue that will look awesome against the deep satin black of my cigarette trousers, crisp white shirt and tuxedo jacket on Christmas Day.

They may have just slipped into my basket as it seemed rude not to give them a home……

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