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Good Behaviour Reaps Rewards with KiddyCharts

I’ve blogged about using reward charts in our house before; I make no bones about the fact that I love them. I love their concept and what they stand for. I believe they are a great way for teaching children important life lessons such as being rewarded for doing well at something, and also as a learning tool for getting to grips with those daily tasks many of us parents have trouble with.

reward charts for childrenThe problem though with a lot of pre-defined reward charts is well they are, pre-defined. Often the tasks are pre-set such as ‘eating your dinner’, ‘tidying your toys’, ‘going to bed well’ and so on. That coupled with the fact that they come with a limited number of stickers that once used you can’t buy again or spend hours rooting through your local The Works store trying to find something of a similar size that your child will stick on the paper again with glee.

So when Helen Neale of KiddyCharts asked me and Roo if we’d like to review her personalised, printable charts I was keen to see what benefits Helen’s service could offer parents.

Helen’s business is built on the following messages, which so many parents will identify with:

‘Struggling with your child’s behaviour? Shouting more than you would like? Experiencing drop off tantrums? Then visit KiddyCharts to get access to printable online reward charts and care charts that help your child’s understanding of the world around them using pictures. Customise for your challenges and with your own pictures and have a calmer life!’

Helen kindly provided me with with a login and some complimentary credits for Roo and I to design our chart and we had so much fun creating our personal chart.

personalised reward charts for kidsThe best thing about KiddyChart rewards chart is that they are created by you for you; so there’s no pre-set goals for your child to hit (although Helen has created some handy suggestions if you’re stuck for inspiration) and your personalised chart with your child’s photograph is for me what makes it a truely personal tool, and something that Roo really enjoyed doing with me. There are 15 themes to choose from and the fact that you can save the chart and print it off again and again is for me one of the big selling points.

No fussy and elaborate stickers to try and source once you run out, we simply put a tick in our box every night and on weekends chose a simple gold star for a bit of ‘razzle dazzle’ on our chart.

KiddyChart reward charts are £2.99 each, but this falls to £1.25 if you sign up to their smallest membership package and becomes a whoppingly good value 50p with their biggest. For me this is an absolute steal over the price of some high street and commercial reward charts.

You can design as many different charts as you like across all the KiddyChart reward charts and progress tracking products and simply only purchase the ones that you actually want to print. A fantastically simple concept that parents and kids will love.

As well as being able to add your child’s name there are numerous different backgrounds that you can choose from to suit your child’s taste.

Roo chose a pirate style chart as she is obsessed with pirates, and we giggled over choosing a suitably silly photo to upload onto the chart and we chose our tasks to add onto the chart together. In total the activity took us no more than 15 minutes, but it was great 1:1 time where we were doing something together for her. Subsequently that meant she was excited to fill her chart on a daily basis.

Your child is unique, and every child has their own behaviour patterns and challenges and KiddyCharts offers parents a way to create a unique chart to reward them and track their behaviour.

Find out more about KiddyCharts personalised reward charts by visiting the following websites and social profiles:-

Twitter ID: @kiddycharts

Business Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kiddycharts


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