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A Girly Night of Bingo!

A few Saturday’s ago I got to have a girly night in with some friends as Roo was at a sleepover and Daddy E tinkering on his car.  It was lovely and after an average take away and a couple of bottles of wine we decided to have a go of playing online bingo as one of the girls had said she’d been playing at home with friends of an evening and had really enjoyed it.

We all promised to spend no more than £10 each and the friend who had played before recommended a site called Golden Bingo, which is basically like a website full of online reviews for bingo websites so you know who has the best deals on at the moment and where you can get freebies for your first go.  We had a £40 kitty and decided on one of the big sites that was offering us a 200% bonus if we signed up online so we ended up with £80 in the pot.

Using the Golden Bingo site was great as you can search by all the big bingo websites and see who has the best deals of the day and the best incentives – perfect for novices like us who were like rabbits caught in the headlights at the amount of choice!

To get into the spirit of things we dimmed the lights and put some cheesy dance music on the stereo and waited for our game to begin.  The online room was really busy with loads of people chatting and you could tell that some of the players were regulars and pretty experienced.

I’m not sure if it was the wine or the fact that we were just rubbish at online bingo and following the instructions but we found it tough to keep up with the pace of the game.  We did have a lot of fun though and a lot of giggling went on as we fought over who was in charge and the ‘game master’.  Our money got us several games and we only came out £10 down overall on the night.  It was a really fun lighthearted activity to do with the girls, for me I would prefer to play this way than going into a bingo hall just because I think it’s easier to control what you want to spend online than if you’re walking round with your wallet.


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