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Getting Through the School Summer Holidays

surviving the school summer holidaysIt’s nearly the end of the school summer holidays and let’s face it there will be a mix of emotions come the first week of September as some of us wave our kids off for the first time and some of us rejoice at having a little peace and quiet and being able to get household chores done.  That said the school summer holidays are a magical time, for parents where they can to spend time with their kids playing games, getting creative and having lots of fun.

Thankfully in my first proper stint as ‘working mum juggling holiday care’ the weather has been kind to Roo and I.  We’ve been able to get outside and play some fabulous outdoor games such as bubble blowing, scavenger hunts, chalking on the new patio (sorry Daddy) and building our own mini sand pit for all our Schleich animals to adventure in.

making sensory sand pits

On the days the weather did turn on us and scupper our plans we resorted to brilliant board games such as Raccoon Rumpus from our good friends at Learning Resources.  This incredibly simple but jolly good fun of dressing up the raccoon in the right outfit to match the colour of the dot on the dice (e.g. roll a red dot and dress him up in the fireman’s outfit) and trying not to roll the underpants on the dice to strip him off kept us amused for hours.

raccoonrumpusAnd like all the Learning Resources products we’re reviewed the game is quick to play, great for pre-school kids, reinforces simple things like matching and colour recognition and is beautifully mate.

We’ve had some brilliant craft days; making friendship bracelets, Indian dream necklaces, finger printing and trying our hand at the seriously weird (and a little bit freaky) play foam.  If you haven’t checked out play foam yet it’s another great Learning Resources product and for mum’s that hate the mess that playdough and Moon Sand make these mouldable blocks of little foam balls make a great alternative.  They don’t stick to fabric, floors or clothing and so you don’t find bits for ages in your carpet.  It can be shaped and sculpted into all sorts of shapes and is perfect for little hands as a sensory play activity.


On mucky days we went wild and made puffy paint with this brilliant recipe that is oh so easy and is one the kids can help with and pretty much contains everything you have in your household cupboards.  We’ve also made loads and loads of Lego as we dug out Daddy’s old sets from the loft and treated Miss Roo to some Lego Monster Fighters which she adores.

We’ve had play dates with friends, where us mum’s get to drink coffee uninterrupted whilst the kids enjoy playing with toys that they’d forgotten about and we even had a birthday party to attend which was great fun and gave us all time to regain our sanity, moan about how long, hard and arduous but overall good fun the summer holidays are.

Now they’re coming to an end, we’ve survived.  The two of us haven’t come to blows.  Yes we’ve had fall outs but that’s the joys of parenting. We’ve done loads together and ultimately used some of our activities as education and learning experiences whilst ensuring we haven’t spent loads going out everywhere.

Miss Roo has just one more week of summer camp thanks to the girls at JoZone and then she’s back to school….where has the 6 week school summer holiday gone?

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