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Planning Our New Garden

It’s exciting next week in our house; we’re having our garden landscaped as part of the next stage of our house extension and renovation project and I can’t wait for it to get started.  At the moment it’s a mud bath out there as the lawn got taking up with a mini digger and it would be alright if Peppa Pig came to stay she’d have a whale of a time but not so Miss Roo who has been cooped up inside unable to get outdoors in the last few weeks.

contemporary-gardenThe new garden is going to pretty simple with a beautiful indian sandstone patio, huge planters, railway sleepers and gravel with giant pebbles scattered about.  Simple planting as I am not the most green fingered of people probably lots of grasses with a few ornamental trees like our Japanese acer tree, cherry blossom and a gorgeous twisted hazel tree that we’re hoping to put into a pot to screen the patio area and if we can stretch to it a water feature.  Predominantly it’s being designed as a grown up space but pretty child friendly as there are no steps or dangerous features plus we wanted something for easy entertaining.

It should hopefully be a little oasis of tranquility and be a space where we can host parties and chill out as we love having friends round for dinner and a few drinks. It will also be just in time for Daddy E’s 40th (cough) birthday and be the perfect excuse to have a big party and an official garden opening.

I’ve already got my eye on some new garden furniture that I’ve seen; the rattan style outdoor stuff that has the big cube chairs and super plump cushions that you can melt into with G&T or a marguerita in the sunshine (ever the optimist of a British summer).  We got a new BBQ last year so catering will be well and truly taken care of and the men can go all prime-evil and resort to caveman style cooking to assert their masculinity.

Music is sorted as we bought some very funky plant pots that have speakers in the bottom when we moved in and we have these wired up to our sound system inside so we can kick back with some of favourite songs in the background whilst the kids amuse themselves indoors with CBeebies or playing on the Wii or PS3 (that’s the plan anyway).


Hopefully it will be a fabulous day and the garden will finally finish the list of things we’ve been itching to do for the last 6 years.  No doubt like all of our parties, it will go on into the night so we need to make sure we can all see in the dark and so

some outdoor lighting is essential in the garden to avoid accidents and spilt drinks.  This way we can all stay out late, enjoying the balmy night time warm air and the kids can safely play.  If it did get a bit chilly we have a big outdoor parasol that we could put up and drag out the patio heaters.

Daddy E has his eye on some of the big brushed stainless steel garden torches for round by the patio as these look great when all lit up and very atmospheric.  For round by the big bi-fold doors as you step out into the garden it would be great to get something with a built in sensor but it seems style over practicality as I’ve fallen in love with these Jacob Jensen garden wall lights which look absolutely stunning.

I’ve already got a few Jacob Jensen pieces and they are brilliantly made and so quirky to look at.  These would definitely look amazing on the outside walls for a real wow factor.

Let’ just hope that the weather holds off next week as I did see a note about some incoming snow for the weekend which would scupper the start date of the garden makeover well and truly!

Do you spend a lot of time in your garden and is it designed for you or your kids?

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