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Fun Gifts for Christmas

We have a thing in my family where we buy a quirky useful gift every year for each of us; last year my mum bought me a spaghetti measurer, incredibly random but equally useful in a strange way.  So when I was invited to look at some fun gifts for Christmas from the team at Presents for Men I wanted to see what quirky ideas I could get for Daddy E and my dad this year.

The Presents for Men is full of well erm, presents for men from gadgets to kitsch gifts if it can be made to make a normal activity easier, more fun or different in anyway they’ve come up with something for nearly every occasion and eventuality.

clip on light for e-readersAfter spending several cups of coffee browsing the site I opted to test out a tiny booklight for my e-reader and also the intriguing key Pete magnetic key holder.  I was thinking that Daddy E could definitely use key Pete as he is always putting down the car keys in our house and lose them only to result in a mad rush to find the actual keys we need.  The e-reader light would be perfect for my dad or mum as they both have a kindle and often read when the other has gone to bed but doesn’t want a big light or bedside lamp on.

I was really impressed with the features of the booklight and was impressed with the quality of it when it arrives.  The tiny booklight has the following features:-

  • Clips on your e-reader so you can read in the dark
  • Bright LED light
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rotates to a full 90º angle

The fiddliest part of the whole gadget was installing the batteries as my fingers couldn’t get the back off to put them the right way round but once installed on my Kindle I was able to sit and read my book at night with the light off, in the bath with the light off and in dim lights a lot easier.  I loved the fact that it weighed virtually nothing and could be positioned wherever I wanted it on the e-reader and rotate it based on where I needed the extra illumination.  Priced at £7.99 this is a great stocking filler and is now on the shopping list for my dad for his useful Christmas gift from us.

Key Pete magnetic key manThe second item was the key Pete magnetic key holder.  Anyone who is anyone knows the frustration of the missing car keys; it always happens when you don’t need it and it is always someone else’s fault.  So the concept of a magnet that you can attach your keys to seems like a pretty simple solution and has no doubt made someone somewhere a lot of money (sadly not me).  Key Pete is a clever chap, his super strong magnetic hands and feet attach to other magnetic surfaces and with his remaining free magnet hand can support up to 30 keys and become your guardian of keys and the result is no more lost keys.

I was somewhat skeptical as to whether the magnets would claim to hold the 30 keys they state as I’ve seen products like this before that always end up being more comical than practical but this was not the case.  I duly grabbed Daddy E’s epic bunch of keys which contains several Lego keyrings, my car keys, the house keys and the old Polo keys and attached them all on. Admittedly as I got to the last bunch of keys I was nearly closing my eyes and waiting for the crash to the floor but 5, 10, 40 minutes later it hadn’t happened and all the keys happily stayed there all day!

So hurrah for the price of £9.99 we finally have all our keys in one place all the time and no more stamping feet and slamming doors when we can’t find them before we head out for the day.  Not only does this product look great it works and as Daddy E has now got one I shall be purchasing another one for my brother as he is also guilty of forgetful man syndrome!


Disclaimer: for the purpose of this review we were offered a budget to spend on Presents for Men and were allowed to pick items to the value of.  This has in no way influenced by review or feedback on the product and the information in this review is factual and not altered in any way.

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