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FrameChain Contemporary Glasses Chains – Review

If you wear glasses then you’ll know there is nothing more annoying that losing them. One minute their on your head and the next you’ve put them down and can’t find them.  I have lost track of the number of times over the gorgeous summer and late autumn sunshine that I’ve put my sunglasses on the roof of the car and nearly driven off with them there.  Thankfully though this is now a thing of the past thanks to two forward thinking and creative designers Annie and Vanessa at FrameChain.

Frame Chain is a contemporary take on a standard issue glasses chain. Carefully fashioned, inspired by modern trends, and to be worn with any glasses frame, the twist is that it doubles up as a statement necklace.

Clever stuff and such a simple concept. Now before you think that FrameChain looks like those hideous cord chains that elderly people have round their glasses to stop them falling in their soup think again. These glasses chains are like pieces of jewellery and have been designed in a range of styles and finishes to look like jewellery; whether it’s fine chains or chunky necklaces.



The team allowed me to choose a chain of my choice but I didn’t get much of a look in as my dad saw the website over my shoulder and got quite excited about it as he wears glasses a lot and like me is always putting them down and forgetting where he’s left them.  His glasses are a very fine frame and he wanted a chain to match and from the selection on the FrameChain website he opted Skinny Mini chain as this fine gold chain was slim, unobtrusive and in a lovely 18ct yellow gold a lovely warm colour.

The chain arrives beautifully packaged in a gift box and comes with two different types of clasps to fix the chain to your glasses dependant on your frame colour.  Dad opted for the black clips and despite his initial reservations that this would be a very ‘girly’ addition to his eyewear he has found the FrameChain absolutely brilliant and a pleasure to wear everyday.

Priced at £40 this is definitely at the end of luxury lifestyle purchases but it is beautifully made, lovely attention to detail with the solid FrameChain gold tab and incredibly lightweight.  If you had to wear glasses every day and wanted to make your eyewear into a statement piece for evening or a special occasion this is a stunning modern makeover to a usually very boring an ordinary product.

To view the full range of FrameChain spectacle chains visit the website.



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