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Four Top Holiday Destinations for Kids

family holidays florida  - guest blog postTaking a holiday should be a fun occasion, which brings the family together for some much needed quality time. The reality of travelling with kids, however, means that there needs to be more than a little something to keep them entertained.

Therefore, if you’re taking a family vacation this year, here are the top four holiday destinations for kids.

  • Florida

Home to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida is teeming with entertainment opportunities, suitable for children of all ages.

Walt Disney World Resort in itself can take several days to explore, with its four theme parks, two water parks and endless live entertainment performances. There’s even something to keep the adults busy, with the resort playing host to multiple exquisitely designed golf courses and shopping malls.

A trip to Florida is also an extremely cost-effective means of taking an unforgettable family holiday. The Co-operative Travel offers a great range of deals, visit the site to find out more about Florida holidays.

  •  San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most laid-back cities in the United States, and makes the perfect getaway spot for your next family holiday. The city is home to the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most iconic pieces of engineering in the world – and cycling across it as a family makes for an unforgettable experience.

With San Francisco home to innumerable green spaces, the emphasis of a family trip to the city is on enjoying the outdoors, as well as sampling the fresh seafood that’s on offer all over the city. No family trip there is complete without a visit to Alcatraz, one of the world’s most notorious former prisons, where a guided tour is an absolute must.


  • Paris

If you’re based in the UK, taking a family holiday to Florida or San Francisco may not be feasible, owing to time constraints. If, therefore, you’re looking for somewhere a little closer to home for your next family trip, consider introducing your little ones to the delights of Paris.

Aside from the obvious draw card of Disneyland Resort Paris, the city itself is packed with an endless number of options. While seeing the city’s iconic sites may not be at the top of your child’s to-do list, Champ-de-Mars Park is an excellent compromise, giving you and your other half the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower in all its glory, while your kids enjoy a ride in a pedal car, or a vintage merry-go-round or swings and explore the park’s vast playground.

  • The Caribbean

The concept of taking your kids on a cruise may never have occurred to you, but cruise holidays are no longer the genteel affairs that they once were. In addition to soaking up some Caribbean sun and sailing around some of the world’s most stunning islands, there’s plenty of on-board entertainment to keep the kids occupied.

With on-board swimming pools, climbing walls, mini-golf courses, cinemas and basketball courts, the cruise liners of the Caribbean have come to resemble floating resorts. And while your kids are being looked after by specially trained members of staff, you and your partner are free to enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

A holiday that suits you

Choosing the right destination for your next family holiday takes more than a little thought. All four of the options that we’ve discussed contain endless entertainment opportunities for your kids; it’s simply all about choosing the right holiday that suits your family’s unique tastes.


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  1. These all sound like great places to take the kids. I would imagine that Florida is an excellent place as there are so many theme parks.

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