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FitFlop Shoes for Spring from Shoetique

It has been beautifully sunny the last two days.  If you glanced out your window and saw large expanses of blue sky you could easily be forgiven for thinking that spring has arrived.  The fact that the temperature remains a seriously chilly three degrees reminds me it has not.  That doesn’t though stop me dreaming of being able to put my big winter boots into storage and bring out the new gorgeous cream FitFlop shoes that I got sent a few weeks back ready to treat my feet when the better weather arrives.

I already have two pairs of FitFlops and despite initially not loving the styles when they came out and putting them firmly in the ‘not wearing these’ camp I bought a pair of their summer sandals for a holiday in Florida and never took them off as they were so amazingly comfortable and looked great as well as kept my feet feeling fresh all day long.  I love the fact that even though they are quite a chunky shoe they don’t feel heavy and even without socks you don’t get that horrible sweaty feet feeling that some pumps and sandals give you when the temperatures rise.

The range has come a long way since its initial launch and the lovely folk at Shoetique carry a big selection of styles for all the family and also are very keenly priced to other online footwear retailers.  They carry nearly all of the latest new arrivals to the collection for 2015.

In the hope that we will have another fabulous summer of sunshine I opted to review one of their beige / nudge slip on pump style shoes.  I have the same style in black ponyskin and adore them, particularly for the days when I head to London and still want to wear a shoe with a bit of height but need the practicality of being able to run between tube stations, dash to after school clubs and maintain a bit of dignity (heels don’t do this!).  These are made from a canvas fabric so easy to clean and have the familiar rubberised toe.

FitFlop Shoe Review

As with most of the FitFlop range the shoes do come up a little on the wide side.  So if you have a narrower foot like me you can get away with dropping down a size as they are very generously sized and give a little after a few trips out.  The shoes have been snaffled by mum this month as she’s off to California shortly (yes I hate her for this too) where it’s currently in the mid 90s (tough holiday eh?!) and she has terrible problems with her feet and so is going to give the shoes a vacation testing.

Shoetique Shoes

Having managed to wear them round the house before she snaffled them I love these as much as my other pairs.  For such a casual styled basic pump they work well for casual and formal meetings and the price tag (around £70 for the style I reviewed) means they are sturdy, comfortable (no blisters when wearing sock free), making them worth the price and not a waste of money.

You can see the full range of FitFlop shoes over  Shoetiqun here. I love the fact that if you get your order in  before 4pm, they will be dispatched that same day. The shoes are between sizes 3 and 7, UK sizes.

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