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Five boring gifts your kids will love you for

practical gifts for kids - uk mummy bloggerEveryone knows that children are a fickle bunch. They’re over the moon when you buy them a specific toy they’ve been pining for, and then toss it aside as soon as they see a new commercial for another.

There will be a point when you will decide, as a parent, that it’s time you start investing in your child’s future in more concrete ways that they might not get at the time, but which they’ll be thankful for when they’re older. This article goes through five possible ideas.

A savings account

Kids’ bank accounts are an essential gift that you should set up quite early on, so that there is time for the interest to build. By the time they’re ready for further education, they will really thank you, as they’ll have a separate bank account that you’ve been minding for them.

Every now and again, you can make a deposit on the side, helping the amount of money in there to build up. You can opt to keep it a complete secret so that on a truly rainy day, they’ll have something that can pull them out of the rut.


A consultation with a financial adviser

This is for when your kids are a little older, during their studies at college, or when they’ve just graduated and they’re facing the big bad world all by themselves. Perhaps you should couple this with something materialistic to soften the blow if they’re not too keen on talking to someone professional about their spending habits.

Still, the financially savvy types will definitely appreciate this, especially if they’re thinking of starting their own business or getting into the family business.

Cooking lessons

If neither you nor your partner are particularly great in the kitchen, a cooking course for your kids a few months before they head off to university will go a long way with them. It can take the average university slacker around two years to get off instant microwave meals to actually cooking their own food.

Paying for them to do a cooking course will make family nights in a bit more interesting – as well as win them friends when they get to university.

Buy them stocks

This is another financial gift that will hopefully go a long way, too. You’ll be giving them the gift of investment knowledge, which may come in handy at some point in the future.

A suit

When your child is leaving school or university, they would probably prefer cash or plane tickets than a seriously sharp suit or workwear, but the time will definitely come when they truly feel the benefit, and perhaps it’s sooner than you think. With first impressions counting for so much, adopting a quality, professional look at job interviews could be what gets them on that first rung of the career ladder.


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