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Who is your female inspiration? #ARWOMAN

If there is one thing that has changed significantly in me since my divorce nearly two years ago it is my determination.  As a single mum, working full time, juggling long hours in a busy job I have become determined to push myself and set an example to Addison that if you want something there really is no limit to what you can achieve other than the constraints you create.

I haven’t always felt this empowered and the reason for the change came from a programme I watched some months back in which Oprah Winfrey was interviewed about her life, the challenges she has faced growing up as a deprived young girl in the ghettos and how she didn’t see this as adversity she used this to overcome and get out and make something of her life.  She is an inspirational woman, an amazing public speaker and orator and a real epitome of the definition ‘achieving the dream’.  She is also equally humble and does amazing charity and philanthropic and she is ranked as the richest African-American woman in the 20th century.


Her ground breaking talk show transformed the way media today reports on issues and current affairs and her book ‘What I Know For Sure’ is one of the most inspiring and emotionally challenging reads I have enjoyed.  I have a number of her quotes in my phone as daily motivational pictures and when women’s style brand Atterley Road contacted me about their #ARWOMAN campaign and the chance to share where I get my inspiration from I was only keen to join in and share my little piece of inspiration.

So what is the #ARWOMAN campaign about?

#ARWOMAN campaign Atterley Road

Empowered and empowering. That’s what makes an #ARWOMAN. We are inspired by all of the amazing women around us. Every. Single. Day.  Whether it is a family member, a friend, someone from the past or a celebrity we all draw inspiration from different people and Atterley Road wants to know, WHO INSPIRES YOU? 

To run alongside the campaign Atterley Road are interviewing some amazing  AR Women the first of which is a is cinematographer Tasha Back who has made a name for herself in a very male dominated industry.  In an industry where only 3% of cinematographers are female Tasha is challenging pre-conceptions and clearly knows what she is doing having been nominated for ‘Best Cinematography at Underwire Film Festival’

You can read the full interview here:

Tell them on Instagram using the hashtag #ARWOMAN to join the conversation and if you like share below with me who inspires you in your daily life and why?

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