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I caught up with a friend recently who is a mum to two small boys.  To be honest I don’t know how she does it as her two have boundless energy at six and eight years old now and are your stereotypical boys; a day without a grazed knee is a day wasted in their eyes.

We did the usual thing of catching up on what we’ve been up to, eating too much cake and overdosing on caffeine, and we talked about holidays.  She’s a big fan of holiday’s in the UK and this year she said they planned their two week break that they’ve just had with a difference.  After she told me her story I thought what a great idea.  Her and her husband mentioned at the start of the year to the kids about having a holiday, the eldest proclaimed that they wanted a say; in his eyes, they’re old enough now to choose where we go and what we do. So, they all sat down one night after dinner with pens and paper and asked them to pick five holiday wishes and this is what they came up with:

Josh, aged 8:

  1. Living in a tent and having at least one midnight feast
  2. Football
  3. Staying up late
  4. Pizza (Pepperoni)
  5. Swimming


Alex, aged 6:

  1. Eating ice-cream every day (chocolate)
  2. Taking the bike
  3. Climbing trees or shoulder rides with daddy
  4. Swimming
  5. Catching bugs

The things they chose are great and show the imagination of children perfectly.  Instead of demanding really tricky or expensive things like flights or trips to theme parks, they thought about what they really like doing and stuck with that. My friend and her husband promised them that they’d arrange a holiday where they’d get to do all of those things on the conditions that for Josh, staying up late means no later than 9.30pm and for Alex, any bugs must stay in the catcher (this was a gift from his Uncle for his birthday) and live outside the tent.

Then her husband suggested that we draw up our own “Top 5”, this is what they came up with:

Mummy, age withheld:

  1. Warm weather
  2. A glass of wine every day (white)
  3. No squabbling children
  4. Some time to read a book
  5. Swimming


Daddy, (mental) age, 9:

  1. Golf (the crazy kind)
  2. Football (the regular kind)
  3. Afternoon naps
  4. Barbeques and beers
  5. One massage for every shoulder ride


The scenario was set and they initially began to look at some of the great options for camping holiday’s in the UK, but after a little research (and dare I say it fear of creepy crawlies by mum!) they decided to take their “Top 5” holiday wishes to the Lake District, camping at Haven’s Lakeland Park near Morecambe Bay.

I’ve never done a Haven holiday and she had to convince me that it was everything she described it as.  However, one look at her photos and site looks really impressive. Seriously, it crossed almost everything off their lists and then some. Camping is available, you can park the car next to your pitch, barbeques are allowed and there are crazy golf and football pitches onsite – the best thing is there is so much to do that the kids are exhausted every day!  There’s a choice of swimming pools plus more water activities than the boys could shake their goggles at.


There are guided wildlife walks which the kids loved, and plenty of routes for bike rides in Morecambe Bay – and many of the restaurants and takeaways onsite had family favourites for the kids such as pizza and ice-cream.

There are so many activities; fencing, archery, circus skills lessons and heaps more that they didn’t have time to squabble. Unsurprisingly, the only thing that wasn’t catered for is tree climbing, but the Treetop Trek centre is just half an hour’s drive away with wobbly rope bridges, swing on ropes and zip through the forest all day this should keep the adventurers satisfied.

She said that they loved it that much that they’ve already booked their August holidays with Haven, she can relax knowing that they’ve all got something to really look forward to as they will all get to choose again what they’d like to do for a week.

To me this sounds a pretty perfect family getaway and it’s easy to forget just how much there is to do right here on our doorstep in the UK.

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