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Family budgeting: how to afford vital home aids without breaking the bank

The recession has hit all sections of society and even those who thought that they had sufficient savings to enjoy a happy retirement have to watch their budget.  Declining interest rates and the rise in the cost of living combined with the current cuts in social care mean that everyone is trying to economise.  When we extended our house recently we contacted several charities about donating large items of furniture and they literally were queuing up to take them away and they said they had a real upsurge in people requiring second hand items.


For the elderly, many of whom have to live on a fixed income, this time of austerity is particularly worrying. Mobility aid manufacturers have recognised the problem and in a bid to help those living on a tight budget they have introduced reconditioned stairlifts.

Everyone values independence and the introduction of mobility aids into a home means that older family members can retain their lifestyle and dignity for longer.

Not everyone wants to downsize, some people want to hang on to the family home to hand it on to the next generation, others just want to live in the house where they were happiest and still continue to live close to long term neighbours within their local community.


Rather than buying mobility aids, it may be a better option to rent them, where possible. As more of us face a life where Social Care cannot be taken for granted ease of movement within the home is vital. Mobility aids can also cut down on worry for the rest of the family.

If you know that your parents have a converted bathroom, then worries about someone falling in the bath can recede into the distance. For those on a very limited income a trip to the local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is essential. These professionals will be able to advise whether the local authority can meet certain refurbishment costs as criteria do differ from county to county.

Refurbishment is the name of the game. There have been many reports indicating that the numbers of houses that can specifically cater for the needs of a growing elderly population are facing a shortfall. In order to cope with this rising problem, it may be better if people were encouraged to take advantage of reconditioned stairlifts and other vital accessories in order to continue to be able to stay in their own homes.

The Red Cross and other charitable organisations offer a variety of deals on many mobility aids. Unfortunately the Red Cross only offer short-term loans but this system might provide the time for a little extra research into other ways of accessing low cost and rental assistance. Walking frames can prove costly but the independence that they offer is beyond comparison.


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