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Facebook Timeline Template

Ok so you may or may not know but tomorrow yet again Facebook is changing the design of it’s pages for both business and personal use.  Tomorrow sees the introduction of the new Facebook timeline and there are already a few people who have asked me about templates sizes and the best resolution etc.

Well, to make it really simple here’s my free Facebook timeline template for you to download and then add your images too.  Key points to remember are that the new Facebook profile timeline layout will feature a large cover at the very top.

First off, download my free Facebook timeline template by clicking here >>. I have saved it in PNG format but if you require in a Photoshop or Illustrator format then just leave me a comment below.  Facebook has advised that cover images should be at least 399 pixels wide. However, from talking to other social media friends we think the best size is 855 pixels wide x 350 pixels down the page and that’s what you will see when you download.

When you load the template this is what you will see:-

  • Background color – Which can be deleted or edited.
  • Profile picture box placer – This is intended to show you where your user’s profile pic will appear on your cover. You want to know where the profile pic will be displayed so that you don’t block an important part of your Facebook cover.
  • You can also use the profile pic to make your Facebook cover stand out.
  • My logo – you can remove this when you open the file.

If you don’t have any photo editing software in order to manipulate your photos try using free alternatives such as Pixlr.com which can help you adjust image sizes to fit into your template without distorting them.

Remember there is a restriction on the type of information your banner can include.  Facebook states banners must not include:-

  • Price or purchase information E.g.  up to “40% off” or “download now at our website.”
  • Contact information. This includes your web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for the Page’s “About” section.
  • References to user interface elements. So don’t encourage the usual “Like” or “Share” or any other Facebook site features.
  • Calls to action. Statements such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”

If you are still struggling to create a new Facebook timeline and you use Instagram to take photos on your mobile then check out Statigram, which is a great site for not only viewing all your Instagram photos and stats in one place it also offers to create you a Facebook timeline template based on your Instagram photos and also update them as you add new photos to your feed.

Another option is that I can help you design a Facebook timeline for your personal or business page so that you can be confident of the images being correctly re-sized and your logo being displayed correctly and in the best possible way.  If you are interested in this drop me a quick email – the price is just £10.

Whichever, method you choose to use to create your new Facebook timeline – have fun with it & if you do have a go send me a link to your profile so I can see your work.

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