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Fabulous Craft Boxes for Kids from The Busy Box

There appears to be craft fever going on in our house at the moment, it may be the dismal weather and the fact we’re spending more time indoors and I have three hours every morning to fill but Roo and I have definitely embarked on a new love affair with craft boxes of late and recently we were sent a Halloween craft box from The Busy Box company to try out and flex our craft skills with.

The Busy Box provides craft boxes for kids covering a range of theme. Katy who runs The Busy Box ensures that each of the Busy Boxes are full of craft activities and projects. Each box comes with all the bits and bobs needed to complete the several projects, with plenty left over for more creativity!

Our Halloween box came addressed to Roo (nice touch) and contained a lot of activities! We’ve done several craft boxes now and I loved the simplicity of this one. No complicated, laborious activities or waiting for things to dry just packed full of easy craft to dive in and enjoy.

Our box contained the following, a scratch art skeleton, a design your own Trick or Treat bag, a mask, a cut out to decorate, a pumpkin and bat to decorate, spooky foam stickers, black and orange card, pipe cleaners, gummed stars, googly eyes and black pom poms to make spiders and a glitter glue.  This Busy Box even comes with its own Busy Brainstorm – a sheet of tips and ideas to help you make the items in case you suffer from ‘senior moments’ like me and forget what to do!  Thank you Katy

Roo delved straight into her box of tricks and opted first of all to do some mask colouring.  As you can see from the photos below the level of concentration on her face shows how much she was enjoying it and it was great that this was an activity she could do on her own with very little assistance from me.

Next we started on making her Halloween bag. She took great delight in the tube of glitter glue, even though it took me 20 minutes to open it, and promptly began writing her name in glitter glue on the front.  She then wanted to make and attach her pipe cleaner spider.  This was the only activity I really had to help with as Roo hates glue on her hands and she wanted me to put the legs on.  This activity took the longest as I always struggle to get glue to stick and it took a couple of goes to get our spider’s legs to stay on!

Lastly we did the scratch art skeleton.  Now when I was a kid I used to love scratch art.  Watching Roo’s face as I passed her the wooden stick and showed her what to do was brilliant.  She was gobsmacked at where the magical rainbow colours came from and flummoxed when the stick wouldn’t work on normal paper.

The Busy Box Halloween craft boxes for kids

This was by far the best activity in the box and it would have been lovely to have another piece of this to do as it bought much amusement.

I love the fact with The Busy Box craft boxes that there isn’t a subscription basis to work on and you can simply buy boxes as you need them and when you maybe want to tap into a current theme e.g. Halloween or Christmas.  The boxes retail at £9.99 and this is excellent value considering the amount of craft you get to do in each one and the level of attention to detail in putting them together.  I already have my eye on the Christmas Craft Busy Box as I am loving the stained glass lantern to make!

You can see the full range of Busy Box craft boxes on their website and also follow them on twitter and facebook for their latest news and offers.


Disclaimer: for the purpose of this review we were sent a Halloween craft box to test and make the items inside.  This has in no way influenced my review and the opinions are my own and have not been doctored in any way.

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