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Educational Outdoor Activities for Your Little Ones

We live in a world where kids LOVE technology, whilst this is a good thing it is important we don’t forget the joys of the great outdoors.

As any parent knows, there’s loads of ways to entertain children, from painting and creating forts, to playing video games and watching cartoons. But with summer here, you probably want your little ones to enjoy some fresh air and make the most of the season’s warm weather. However, rather than focussing on play, there are a whole range of different educational outdoor activities. Aside from planting seeds and playing in a sandbox, consider these outdoor activities so that your kids can learn while having fun.


Make Bird Feeders

This is an activity that offers many opportunities for learning as it involves your kids with crafts, food preparation and wildlife. To make bird feeders, follow these instructions (all you’ll need is an ice cube tray or silicone mould, seed mix, gelatin and some string). Or, take a look at these tutorials for household objects that can be turned into bird feeders. When they’re complete, make a game out of hanging them in your garden.

Nature Bingo

This is a simple yet stimulating game for you and your children. Simply draw a grid filled with things you would find outside, or alternatively, find a nature bingo template online. Use this game to introduce your child to nature, teach them about insects or help them to recognise colours. To make it more exciting, introduce a magnifying glass and make it into a spy game, or turn it into a competition with prizes.

bubbles-outside-with-kidsGo Fishing

Along with learning about nature and wildlife, fishing also helps to teach patience and problem solving skills. As well as these educational benefits, one of the largest draws of fishing is quality time with your child away from daily distractions. Plus, as an added bonus, it could turn into a lifelong hobby. Simply invest in fishing equipment and if you’re nervous, read this advice on introducing your kids to fishing.

nature-bingoBeach Wildlife

A day at the seaside usually involves paddling in the water, building sand castles and copious amounts of sun cream. However, it can also be a chance to create a fun learning environment. Scour rock pools for marine life and use this opportunity to teach them about the ecosystem of the ocean. You can also collect a handful of shells that can be used in a glitter and glue artwork or ask your kids you write a story about their day.

Hopefully you feel inspired to try some of these entertaining outdoor educational activities with your little ones.

What tips do you have for getting them off the screens and outdoors?

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