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Easter chocolate delights!

There’s no escaping what is happening this weekend, one look in the supermarkets and you can’t miss it.  Easter is well and truly upon us and aisle after aisle in my local Tesco has been taken over by chocolate eggs, Easter craft, bunting that looks like something from Mollie Makes magazine and of course more fluffy toys than I can shake a cake-pop stick at.

Aside from the fact that the real reason we celebrate Easter is a religious one and a time to remember Christ dying and rising again it cannot be ignored that from a confectionery point of view Easter eggs are getting more and more elaborate (and expensive, I think one I saw this year was £55 on the high street!).

I love chocolate but often in our house it gets eaten by the small monkey quicker than I can say ‘that was mine’ and so when the folk at my favourite chocolatiers Hotel Chocolat contacted me asking if I would like to review some of their Easter chocolate range I knew this was one grown-up chocolate I wasn’t prepared to share (sorry Addison).

Easter chocoaltes from Hotel Chocolat

After salivating on my keyboard and wishing my iMac had a scratch and sniff facility (Apple I claim the development rights to this now if you do it), I opted to scoff sorry review the  Hotel Chocolat Egglet H box which is a chocolate lover’s delight of 15 delicious egglets dressed for the season and filled with super smooth Pecan Praline, Raspberry Supermilk, and creamy Strawberry Blush.


Priced at £12 the box is beautifully packaged and contains some amazing flavours old and new making this a taste treat for any Hotel Chocolat fans.  The quality of the chocolate as always is spot on and the eggs are a good size to be enjoyable without being too sickly.  My favourite flavour out of the box has to be the Calvados Caramel and purely for research purposes I think I devoured all of these first!

Hotel Chocolat Easter Review

This is definitely one box of Easter chocolates that I won’t be sharing with anyone else so sorry guests, don’t even bother asking!

What Easter egg are you munching this weekend?

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