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Last year Miss Roo and I were excited about being chosen as a doll tester to work with Petalina dolls and we were given a beautiful Kathe Kruse doll that sits proudly in Miss Roo’s room and is a treasured possession.  The doll is truly beautiful and unlike anything I had ever seen before on the high street and reminded me of what traditional girls dolls were like when I was a child growing up.  If you missed the original post when our doll arrived take a look to see what makes the Kathe Kruse dolls so special and unique.

We hadn’t bought any new outfits for ‘Belle’ as she is known in our house as part of the testers agreement with Petalina is that they would select appropriate outfits for the dolls and send them to us and so we were excited recently to receive a new outfit to try.  The range of dolls clothes on the Petalina website is vast and far superior in quality to anything in the high street.  We were sent a pretty white and pink gingham check dolls dress that is made from woven seersucker and has a lovely texture and feel to it. The dress is sleeveless and has a gathered skirt. On the front of the dress is a mock belt with a big bow. Around the hem there is a layer of the same fabric sewn on across the bias. The dress also has a white petticoat trimmed with sparkly pink net which peeks out beneath the hem of the dress.   The dress is very easy to put on and off  Belle and so a great way for teaching children how to dress and undress themselves as Roo took great delight in undressing her Belle doll and kitting her out in the new dress as if she was going to a party.

There is a lovely ‘traditional’ feel to this dress and the attention to detail and care that has gone into the dress just as with the dolls is evident.  It is well made and looks beautiful on the doll when she is dressed.  It is lovely to see such beautiful clothes available for toy dolls and a real break from all the high-glitz fashion glam of Barbie.

If you want to see just how the clothes are made there is a great video here.  If you are considering buying a doll then the Petalina website is a great place to start and get a feel for the different types of dolls that are out there – the dolls are beautifully made and a real investment play piece that little girls, and boys, will love to create an imaginary world with and take out and about.


Disclaimer: For the purpose of this post we were sent one dolls dress from Petalina to try and review. This post has been posted in accordance to the terms of my PR Guidelines. The views expressed in it are my own and the article cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details.

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