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Do Mums Need A Hobby?

I have no desire to be a Stepford Wife, in fact I would fail miserably.  My lawn is not manicured in fact rarely are my finger nails, the only matching shoes I own are my slippers and I can’t wear chinos because my thighs are too fat.  But I know there are those mums in my village.  These are the mums that have these things called ‘hobbies’.

With these hobbies, they are an elitest bunch. They are the ones that make beautiful crocheted scarves and hats for their kids, the ones with the cute anmial faces, and they do this whilst simultaneously making delectable cakes and bottled products for school fetes and fundraising with glee at events.  They decorate birthday cakes for their kids birthday that rival those on Lorraine Pascale’s latest show and their Christmas cards are good enough to be stocked in local gift shops and craft stores.

These are the mums whose hobbie make them look like superstars, like the perfect mum, like the ultimate Stepford Wife.  Their limits know no bounds – after they have finished domestic drudgery at the weekends they swap to making gorgeous kitsch homeware and pickling delicious fruits for the winter whilst maintaining a happy household.

Seriously, the thought of starting a hobby with everything else I’ve got on sends me into a cold sweat and reaching for the nearest bottle of gin.

I don’t know how these women fit it these wonderful hobbies. Between running the house, taking care of Roo, trying to earn some pennies and managing anything else that the world throws at me I am just about exhausted by 7pm every night.  The idea of picking up Crochet Monthly is not something I can even begin to contemplate.  If I tried to make a hat for Roo the way I feel at the end of the day it would end up looking like something from Little Shop of Horrors, not a cute woodland creature.

But do these hobbby whores make for better mums – better than those of us, like me who get seriously tired thinking about taking on “hobbies”?

Or as parents do we just need a broadened view of what a hobby can really be?  After all isn’t motherhood a bit like a hobby?

2 thoughts on “Do Mums Need A Hobby?

  1. I like the idea of having a hobby, but in reality where is the time? I read and I blog, so they’re hobbies of a sort, and due to the fact that my family all need food I class cooking as a hobby, because I quite enjoy doing it.

    Then there’s the cost, hobbies aren’t free. Before I had my two younger children I tried my hand at cross stitch – cost of fortune to buy all the kit required, and then life took over and I never even finished one piece!

    I think I’ll happily leave the hobbies to the chino brigade.
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