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Disney On Ice Dare to Dream at The O2 London

disney on ice dare to dream - uk mummy bloggerLast year Roo and I were lucky enough to take one of her friends at school to the Disney on Ice show at the NIA Birmingham and have some VIP passes thrown in to.  It was a magical evening and the first time we’d done any of the Disney on Ice shows and I have to say we were all impressed with the quality of the show, the performance had us all singing and dancing and it was a perfect length for the kids.

So when we heard that the Disney on Ice Dare to Dream show was going to the O2 London this year I immediately asked Miss Roo if she wanted to go.  Big mistake.  You’d think in five years of parenting I’d have realised you don’t ask your kids about things like this; you simply plan them and don’t tell them and therefore avoid months of nagging and constant ‘is it time yet?’ style questions.

Of course the answer was a predictable yes and we’re combining our trip with some Christmas shopping time in the capital to do all those touristy things that somehow seem so much more attractive during the festive season. This will no doubt result in me being fleeced for an exorbitant amount to see Santa in Harrods as well as purchasing half of Hamleys.

So what is Disney on Ice Dare to Dream all about?

Well if you’re a little girl and big into make believe then this show is going to wow you away (if you’re a parent start saving now as the ticket prices like most Disney events are not cheap).


In this show you are invited to join Mickey and friends when they come to The O2 for their newest ice spectacular,  Dare to Dream. The new production combines the contemporary stories of two modern-day princesses, Rapunzel and Tiana, with the classic elegance of Cinderella.

Audiences will begin their journey in New Orleans with Tiana as she strives to open a restaurant and then travels with her to the bayou as she and Prince Naveen try to break their frog spell in order to turn back into humans. The trip continues to Cinderella’s kingdom for her search for true love and follows Rapunzel as she discovers the world beyond her tower on her quest to see the floating lanterns.

All of the Disney Princesses then come together for the first time on ice during the finale, to welcome Rapunzel into their royal court in the ultimate princess experience.

Personally for me The Princess and The Frog is one of the most underrated Disney movies; the music is awesome, Princess Tiana has her head firmly screwed on and wants a career and a stable income for her mum (take note children look after your parents) and the hoodoo voodoo is spooky but not so scary as to have you hiding behind the sofa.


I have no doubt that the show will be just as amazing, if not more so than the Disney On Ice spectacular we saw in Birmingham and whilst my bank account may be feeling the pinch at the ticket prices it will no doubt go down as one of those magical moments in parenting when Roo’s face lights up as she sees her favourites come to life.

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream takes place at the O2 London on Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28, Sunday 29, Monday 30 December 2013 and Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 January 2014.  Tickets start from £18 and go up to £45.

Bring some magic to your Christmas this year and make some dreams come true with this awe inspiring show that has some seriously amazing facts about it’s production.

“This show is different from anything we’ve ever done, and we’re excited about all the exhilarating aspects we’ve included in this production,” says Producer Juliette Feld. ‘This is the first time Rapunzel is featured on the ice with her tremendous amount of hair. And new this year, Snow White, the princess who started it all, will be joining the show with her friends, the Seven Dwarfs, bring more magic than ever before.”

Disney Magic: The Disney On Ice Journey
• Over 250,000 Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones sewn
• 178 costumes
• 5 costume changes per performer
• 29 laundry loads a week
• 53 pots of paint for props
• 3,5000 hours hand carving props
• 12 hours set-up time
• 13 production trucks
• 16,938 miles traveled
• 363 shows in 2013
• 40 performers

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