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Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch Ideas Sponsored Video

To be honest I wasn’t all that bothered about the Jubilee this weekend.  I’m not a royalist, not even a big fan of the whole monarchy thing and had just seen it as another excuse to get us Brits to part with yet more cash and fund more tourist tat.

That was however until I heard about the Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch. The Big Lunch is not a new concept, in fact this is the fourth Big Lunch and just happens to fall on the same weekend as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

As announced by Buckingham Palace The Big Jubilee Lunch will be a part of the main programme of events over the central weekend of Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June 2012. A special 4-day bank holiday – Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th June. So, what better way to get outside and get your neighbours together and get to know each other over sandwiches, cake and lots of scrumptious goodies whilst having a holiday at the same time!

This is something we used to do as part of being neighbourly – we used to talk to our next door neighbours, yes really! And in 1977 nearly 10 million people came out to celebrate the Silver Jubilee and Daddy E remembers his entire street having a huge party with everyone playing games, mucking in and generally creating an air of community spirit – something I think many of us would love to get back in our towns and cities today.

The beauty of The Big Lunch is that people themselves decide everything about their own event – the more creative you can be the better the event. The venue can be wherever you want or have space, the theme whatever you fancy – food and people are the key ingredients. Quite simply we want to get as many people as possible to sit down and have lunch with their neighbours on the first Sunday in June. After all The Big Lunch is all about community, friendship and fun!

Take a look at the Big Lunch official video to see what others are bringing to the Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch this Sunday and if you really need extra help then print off the 10 steps to organising a Big Lunch to get you on the right track. Not got any decorations or games? No problems there’s a free Diamond Jubilee activity pack to download too and even little ones can get helping by colouring in crowns, bunting and pictures to make the day a big family affair.

So, whether your a lover of all things regal or like our family just love a good party the Big Lunch is a great way to get your village or town working together with community spirit and joining in with activities.

If you are planning a Big Lunch of Diamond Jubilee party have a fantastic time!

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