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Getting children involved in redecorating their bedroom

I know that growing up as a child every time myself or my brother asked my dad to redecorate our bedrooms he raised his eyebrow wondering what bizarre theme or character we wanted to adorn our bedroom walls.  The worst one he ever had to put up for me was an entire Alice in Wonderland wallpaper set that he still claims today was the most “bloody awful wallpaper to hang and match”.

So, as a parent myself when I decided to redecorate Roo’s bedroom I wasn’t sure if she should have any input on what the theme was going to me.  Even since she was born I’ve redecorated her bedroom so many times that I should probably be hosting my own DIY show by now.  Whether it’s been changing the colour of the walls, putting up a new border, new curtains or bed linen – having done the whole room recently again one thing that I have learnt quite quickly from the bedroom decorating process is the importance of letting Roo be involved in the selection of not only the bedroom theme, but also the design and furniture choices.

After all, would I want somebody else to solely decide the layout of my bedroom?  Not on your nelly.  The clever people at Silentnight have come up with some suggestions for decorating children’s rooms which I think sound a great way to make it a really fun family activity.

Children of any age need a space that they can call their own, and as they grow up their interests and preferences develop and change. Allowing them to express their hobbies and interests is important to their developing a strong sense of self, and working together with your child on a project like this is a great way to help them learn important life lessons about compromise and responsibility.

One of the best ways to start getting your child involved in the decoration process is to delegate them with the responsibility of one specific area – be it the colour scheme, the bedroom theme or the layout of the furniture – and have them ‘in charge’ of this part of the project. Children thrive on being given responsibility and you’ll find that, by openly giving your child this sort of decision-making power in one specific area of the project, their excitement levels and enthusiasm for the work involved stays high, and you’ll get what needs to be done without much fuss or complaining.

It makes sense that children need to feel a sense of ownership for their bedrooms – and having your child at the heart of the designing process is a good way to ensure that they feel happy and proud of their personal space. One area all children like to be involved in is the selection of their bed, and this is something that you can compromise on together. Choosing a bed that both appeals to the child and is practical can be tricky, which is why a divan bed is probably your best bet, as they are both child-friendly, but also functional, with ample storage facilities integrated into the design. You can check out a great selection of divan beds from specialist retailers like Silentnight and Layezee.

Remember that children’s bedrooms are not just places where they sleep – they are play areas, work areas and the setting to a million different worlds of imagination. So when it comes to decorating them let your child guide you with their choices; if your kids are anything like mine, they won’t be short of opinions for what should and shouldn’t go in there.

Roo chose her own wallpaper with me on the computer this time and went for a lovely star design on one wall, and she came with me and her NanMar (my mum) to look at her curtains at John Lewis which matched in perfectly with the bed linen she had chosen from Vertbaudet.  She also chose to bring up her wooden John Crane giraffe table from downstairs and has created a little play area in her room where she colours and plays with her role play toys quite happily.

She now loves to spend time in her room and feels that having chosen some of the elements of it she is a big girl in a big girl’s room.  This is something that has made it really easy in getting her to go to sleep in her big single bed as she feels very grown up.

Have any of you let your little one’s have a say in redecorating their bedroom?  If so what did they choose?


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