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Decorating A Bedroom That Your Child Will Love

Depending on their taste and age, decorating a child’s room may not be the easiest of tasks. As indecisive as children may be, there are a few ways in which you can keep them happy with the look of their bedrooms without having to redecorate every time they become obsessed with a new theme. I have lost count of the number of themes, ideas and colours that Addison talked about when we moved into our little house and still it changes daily!

Here though are some helpful tips on decorating a child’s room so that they will love it and hopefully you won’t spend all your time decorating:

Paint Not Wallpaper

Painting their walls with a fresh lick of paint will give the room a fresh new and exciting look. Try to steer clear of any themed wallpaper, because no doubt they will lose interest of the latest favorited cartoon character after sometime. If you are feeling brave, why not try a bold block colour? This will bring out the room’s features making it fun and inviting for you child.


In terms of furniture, longevity is important if you want to decorate on a budget. With that being the case, it is best to buy furnishings that will last while your child mature; i.e. opting for large-scale beds and wardrobe as just an example.

Storage-Friendly Accessories

When it comes to children, having them make a mess simply comes with the territory. To minimize this, choosing accessories that will also subsidise as storage such as colourful boxes are a great way to keep their room’s tidy whilst still being stylish and fitting to the overall look of the room.


If your child is adamant about their room having a particular theme however, you can compromise by adding a duvet or rug of their favourite Disney/Pixar character for something less permanent that still grants them what they want.

Decorating your child’s room does not have to be stressful. Communication is important so that you enable them to have a room that they will want to spend their time in; whilst still practical enough to be able to change as they mature in the years to come. Purchasing pieces that will not only be stylish, but will also last will be sensible and ultimately, cheaper on your bank account!

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