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Debenhams Mother’s Day Flowers

The lovely folk at Debenhams contacted me last week to remind me that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, like it would be possible to forget with the amount of card shops and gift retailers pushing this annual day down your throat from the middle of February onwards.

Before I go any further Mother’s Day is not about having your kids go out and spend their hard earned pocket money on a mass produced piece of tat.  I’d rather have a hug, spend the day baking cakes, going for a walk in the park and feeding the ducks.  I don’t need much more than this.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to spoil my mum.

My mum and I are really close and she does a lot for me.  Whether it is emergency childcare, picking up Addy from school, sleep overs and babysitting so that I can go out she’s always there for me with hugs, advice, words of encouragement and a smile.  Even when I’ve messed up and got it spectacularly wrong she’s there, and I have to say that now being a mum I hope that as Addy grows up I am to her as much of a mum as my mum has been to me.

If my mum had her way she too wouldn’t be spoilt with gifts on Mother’s Day but she’s not having her way and the opportunity to partner with Debenhams as part of their Mother’s Day celebrations was a good opportunity to spoil her before she jets off to California on Mothering Sunday.

As well as being a department store, Debenhams also do a range of beautiful flowers that you can order online.   Whether it is for a special occasion or ‘just because’ there is something really lovely about getting a bouquet of flowers and even more so when they are unexpected. With Mother’s Day this weekend Debenhams have expanded their range of bouquets available at Debenhams Flowers – and it is great that there is a real mix of styles and budgets to suit every taste.

Looking through the selection of flowers I knew exactly which ones to choose for my mum.  Standing out was a stunning bouquet of pastel roses in a sugar pink and off white, they were absolutely beautiful in the photograph and I knew that if I loved them that mum would also enjoy them.  The bouquet itself contains pink and six cream Avalanche Roses and comes with assorted greenery and is priced at the upper end of the bouquets at £44.99.

The flowers arrived in a tall cardboard box and were wrapped in a moisture pack to ensure that they were hydrated during travel.  The heads were closed which was good and would mean that they should last a good week before starting to drop.  The smell was lovely as I openned the box, fresh and heady and reminded me of a summer’s day in a beautiful garden.


Mum was absolutely overwhelmed with them and couldn’t get over how beautiful they were and the quality of the roses and how nice it was to see such delicate and pretty colours as opposed to the usual brights.  The flowers have been in water about 5 days now and apart from slightly bruised petal on an outer rose the flowers are still looking marvellous and have certainly bought a big smile to my mum’s face.



If you would like to treat your mum to some Mothers Day flowers, simply enter the code DFBLOG25 at the checkout to receive 25% off your order (excluding the Flowers by Post range), or maybe if you are feeling really indulgent give yourself a little pick me up! There is such a great variety of colours and flowers to choose from that you are bound to find something to brighten up someone’s day this Mother’s Day.

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