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How To Cut Your Energy Costs

cutting energy costsWith the cost of living ever on the increase, life’s little luxuries can often be few and far between. Why not try to save on the essentials and free up a little cash to splash on tempting treats for the family? Consider a few of the following money-saving tips to help cut the cost of your energy consumption.

Secure a fixed rate for the foreseeable future

One way to avoid energy price rises is by choosing a fixed rate tariff. Gas and electricity prices will be protected and remain at the original sign-up rates for the full term of the fixed rate contract. Electricity and gas prices vary from region to region. Why not consider using an electricity and gas calculator to find the best prices and available rates in your particular area?

energy costsDirect debit discounts

Simply altering the way you pay your energy bill may bring financial benefits. Paying by direct debit rather than cash or cheque can incur a hefty annual discount.
Many energy providers also offer online customers additional deals. If you can manage your energy account online, then this may help you to secure additional savings.

Drop a degree

Many households can benefit from reduced energy bills just by adjusting the thermostat. Dropping the temperature reading by as little as a degree or two can result in annual savings. Grab an extra layer of clothing and you’re unlikely to notice the difference in temperature. Turning the temperature down by just one degree could save as much as £65 on your annual energy bill.

how-to-cut-energy-billsLikewise, if your water is piping hot, the thermostat may be too high. Adjust the temperature accordingly and cut your energy consumption. Turning the heating and hot water off when you’re not in the house will also help. Turn off the radiators in unused rooms and keep doors and windows closed to retain as much heat as possible.

Savvy lifestyle habits

From unplugging idle appliances to using energy saving light bulbs, a few simple lifestyle changes can help to reduce your energy consumption and cut the cost of your annual bill. Switching off lights and ensuring appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines operate at full capacity are all positive household habits that will enable efficient energy usage.

Consider exchanging your evening bath for a shower instead. The more hot water you use or waste, the more you have to pay to heat. From half filling the kettle to covering boiling saucepans, a few simple, crafty tricks will help to cut your energy costs.

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