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The Curse of Daylight Saving

daylight saving factsKids sleep better in the winter or at least Roo does, she loves dark nights and it makes it so much easier to get her into bed if it’s dark outside as she needs no convincing that it is actually bed time, even if it is 30 minutes early.

So when the clocks went forward last weekend I was prepared for the bed time battle to begin.  In this day and age I actually can’t believe we still subscribe to the daylight saving idea. The idea by Benjamin Franklin was first adopted in 1784.  As a result of Benjamin’s idea from 1986-1971 Britain stayed one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time for 3 years in a row!  The period was dubbed ‘permanent summer’ although I expect the British weather then was not so different from today.

Luckily, Roo has only noticed one night that it wasn’t quite as dark as normal and I am glad that her new room has really good blackout blinds up at her Velux windows.  These make such a huge difference and I would definitely recommend getting some sort of black out blind or curtain to help your little monkeys stay in their sleep routine.

Other top tips to make sure that daylight saving doesn’t interrupt your child’s sleep routine include not trying to wear your child out in a bid to get them to sleep earlier – ironically, overtired children often actually take longer to fall asleep and may even resist sleep completely.

If you’re still battling with convincing them that bedtime is still bedtime regardless of how light it is outside, then this infogaphic from the sleep specialists Tempur has some great facts about daylight saving as well as some more handy tips.

Source: Tempur

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