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Crystal Clear skin for summertime

Having just spent a beautiful week in the sun kissed climate of Abu Dhabi and loving the feel of the sun I have given my skincare regime a bit of a change to cope with the demands of summer sun on my skin.

As much as I love having a golden glow from holidays it is important to keep my skin nourished and hydrated as too much sun can cause skin stress and dry patches and breakouts.  I’ve already swapped my usual full coverage Illamasqua foundation to a MAC Mineralize SPF15 foundation as it much lighter on my skin and doesn’t clog my skin during the day instead giving me a glowy, fresh finish that lasts really well.

summer skin care

Another new product in my beauty bag for summer skin is Clinique Smart Custom Serum which is like a miracle in a bottle.  It is clever stuff this as it adapts to the changing needs of your skin so is perfect for those long days in the sun and then coming back to the inclement UK climate.

To make sure I keep that glowing complexion it is important to exfolioate and cleanse my skin properly each night and I’ve had the heads up from the team at Ideal World TV that they are releasing a brilliant beauty gadget to give me crystal clear skin ready for summertime.  This Tuesday sees the release of the Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse Kit – which when you see it looks a lot like the Clinique Sonic System that has proved so popular this year already.

Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse Kit

Unlike other models thew Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse Kit comes with the cleansing gel, polish and moisturiser as part of the package price which means you can have radiant spa like skin at a fraction of the price compared to expensive premium facials.

I really like the fact that this kit is something I can do at home of an evening and create my own pamper sessions and means that I can keep my skin in great condition over the summer months and enjoy the sun without worrying about fine lines and sun damage.

Do you have any favourite beauty products for summer time or top tips for keeping your skin healthy in the sunshine?

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