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Creative fun from House of Fraser

A few weeks back I received a lovely email from the House of Fraser PR team.  I love it when a PR company does their research into my blog and they clearly had read a few articles and checked through my social media accounts as they knew about Addy’s love of colouring and art.  It is no exaggeration to say that some days Addy will draw for 2 – 3 hours just doodling, being creative and loves to draw freehand rather than colour pictures in books.

It is lovely to watch her and a joy when she paints or draws me one of her creations, most of which adorn the fridge in our little kitchen.  So when they asked if we’d like to review these gorgeous Hamleys Poster Paint pen set I knew that she would love these pens in her artists collection.


The pens come in a pack of ten and are gorgeously chunky so great for little hands who are just getting into their creative side and means they are easy to hold and give good pen control.  The ends are a mesh and sponge combination which when depressed releases paint from the end of the pen.  What I love about them from a parenting point of view is that it allows your kids to do painting without the mess of getting paint and water out.

The paint dries quick when it comes out from the pens and comes out well with good coverage.  The colours in the set mean you can pretty much paint any scene you want and Addy took to using them like a duck to water and has loved creating new pictures for our fridge with them.  Priced at £13 they are great value and the colours are vibrant and even better wash out of clothes easily so are a great mess free craft item for younger drawing rainbow pictures


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