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The Endless Possibilities of Self Publishing

Self-publishing used to be known as vanity publishing, and there wasn’t much sympathy or consideration for how much potential lies in self-publishing. The costs behind this way of publishing used to be a large hurdle, but this has all gradually been changing since the digital age began, and now print on demand has opened up the self-publishing world to anyone and everyone.

Bloggers and parent bloggers in particular can gain from this new print on demand self-publishing phenomenon. Here are some ideas of what you can turn into a photo book, and how you can use your own creations.

Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner now, it’s high time to get your Christmas presents sorted. Every year there’s always one person for whom thinking of the perfect gift can be a dilemma. A self-published photo book could be the answer for this dilemma, as you can create a personalised and thoughtful gift.

For a mother or grandmother you could put pictures from Christmas pasts or family gatherings together into one charming book. For a keen traveller you could put images from their latest trip into one brilliant keepsake.

As a blogger, you can also use self-publishing to create the perfect Christmas gift for your readers. You could put a selection of your best posts together into a book, and your readers could buy themselves a copy through your site. If you provide a lot of parenting advice, then your readers may well appreciate having a hard copy of your tips available to quickly look something up without having to go online.

Memory Keepsake

art illustration photobookTurning your blog into a self-published book is also a great keepsake for yourself. One day you may stop blogging, and it would be great to have a hard copy of your blog as a reminder of what you did and how you helped other bloggers and your readers. Alternatively, you could turn your favourite Instagram pictures into a professional looking photo book.

Family trips and travel is another great way to create a keepsake to treasure. We all often take a lot of pictures on holiday, but then forget to do anything with them. You can use self-publishing to put together your own travel adventure.

Another great keepsake is a children’s photo album. The kids are bound to have baby books, but you may want to put together a book with your favourite baby pictures of them with some more recent pictures. Or you could put together a birthday’s only book.
The possibilities for keepsakes are endless with self-publishing photo books.

Showcase Skills

how to create a travel photo bookYou can also use self-publishing to showcase your writing skills. If you love writing your blog, and want to turn writing into a career, then one way to get yourself noticed is to create a book telling your writing story.

As a blogger, it’s all about your personality and writing style, and a book combining the two is a great way to show what you can do. You can use the main theme of your blog to help guide you with this book. For example, if your main theme is cooking, you could create a recipe book with some of your top tips, or you could put a fun guide to the last year together using some memorable posts from your blog.

Another option of showcasing your skills, if you want to become a children’s author, is to simply go ahead and publish your first book. Ask a friend, who can draw, or a freelance illustrator to provide you with some quirky drawings to accompany the story (or create them yourself). Once the book is complete, remember to promote it online yourself. Don’t just buy one copy yourself and ask one or two friends to buy. Tell your readers about it, and ask other parent bloggers to take a look at your children’s book.

As you can see the possibilities of self-publishing are endless.


Disclaimer: This guest article was written by Sarah Oxley on behalf of Blurb, providers of photo books and other creative publishing services.

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