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Countryside Exploration Essentials

As a mum, I’m always looking for fun ways to fill my weekend that Addison and I can enjoy that don’t involve a trip to the cinema or being cooped up indoors for hours on end.  We’re lucky enough to live here in Staffordshire the UK where some of the most beautiful scenery is just a short journey from home – and the best part, it’s absolutely free (minus the petrol costs of course). Addison just loves to get outdoors and explore which is fantastic and a great opportunity to teach her about nature – as well as get some exercise for us both too! There are naturally a few essentials I will always take with me on any of our adventures and a well-stocked picnic aside, here are my must-haves for outdoor activities with young ones.

exploring the UK countryside

Fashionable Waterproof Gear

Whilst a long hike in the country may not quite be your thing, there are plenty of gorgeous country villages to explore and market towns to visit and as is the case with any UK destination, unpredictable weather conditions mean that packing your waterproof gear should certainly be high on your list of priorities. Wax jackets, waterproof macs and even gilets will ensure you’re suitably protected from adverse weather conditions and will keep you warm from both the wind and rain. Don’t worry, for the fashion conscious amongst you, companies such as E-Outdoors stock some gorgeous Barbour clothing that is both practical and stylish too.

kids outdoor weather gear

Plenty to Eat and Drink

Any outdoor adventurer worth his (or her!) salt will ensure their rucksack is sufficiently stocked with high energy treats in case of emergencies. Of course, you’re likely to have treat yourself to a delicious cooked breakfast to ensure you’re prepared for the day but packing of stashes of nuts and seeds, chocolate and fresh or dried fruit such as bananas and apples is advisable – and will help to keep the kids quiet whilst out and about too!

Sensible Footwear

Whilst for Addison, brightly coloured wellies tend to do the trick, for me, I prefer something a little more practical and perhaps a lot less cute – a good pair of walking boots. Whilst they may not be the most fashionable of footwear, walking boots provide support on rougher terrain and help to keep the rain at bay meaning no uncomfortable feet when you’re out and about; the necessity of this item cannot be stressed enough.

These are just a few of the items I carry with me whenever I head out into the countryside – do you have any items you just cannot leave the house without? I’d love to hear your tips!

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