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#CostaFoodFun Challenge

Costa Coffee Food FunI love coffee and like most mother’s am regularly powered throughout the day by caffeine.  I can often be found propping up the counter in my local Costa Coffee and I love the fact that sometimes on a Sunday when Roo comes back from her dad’s we will pop off into Lichfield and have a Costa Coffee treat together.


It’s become a bit of ‘grown up’ girly time for Roo when we go to Costa.  She loves to have her little hot chocolate and choose one of their delicious and highly tempting cakes.  We catch up on what she’s done the weekend and what she’d like to do for the week ahead. It’s bonding time for us and it always tugs at my heart strings when we get this time together, she’s growing up so fast these days it’s scary.

So when we were invited to take part in the #CostaFoodFun challenge with Costa Coffee to celebrate the launch of their awesome cakes, muffins and biscuits I knew that this would be a fun challenge to do to show Roo when she returned from her dad’s.  If you haven’t seen the new range of Costa Coffee sweet temptations then you have to head to your local shop and take a peek.

Costa Coffee cakes

With giant Belgian chocolate jaffa cakes as big as your head and the ultimate jammy biscuits that make you hanker back to being a kid and things really seemed this big there is so much to choose  from the biggest problem is working out which to eat first.  I particularly love the new ginger muffin as the sponge is light, fluffy and packed with delicious ginger pieces.  For anyone suffering from morning sickness these could be the perfect pregnancy pick me up as ginger is great for combating sickness.

The background to the #CostaFoodFun challenge was to take the amazing box of food goodies we had been sent and create food art creations and bring the food to life.  What was more of a challenge was in fact not eating any of the food before using it as several of my work colleagues devoured the yummy marshallow crispie bites.

Looking at what we’d been sent I had an instant idea….to create a spring farmyard scene using the farmyard gingerbread creatures and turning them into actual animals.


Adding pink marshmallows the pig developed a body, white marshmallows bought the sheep to life and the cow popped off the page with crayons and marshmallow.  Each one grazing on a little pile of samphire leaves in their grassy meadow.

Out in the fields the marshmallow crispie bites tractor brings in from the fields a golden sweetcorn bale of hay ready for the autumn.  Out in the meadows the giant jaffa wild flowers blow in the wind, their petals of coloured Smarties blooming bright.  It’s a busy day on the farm and shining down on the field high in the sky was the giant hot cross bun sun.


I think I finished my creation about 11pm last night and laid it out on the floor for Roo to come back and see this morning.  Her words when I showed her what I’d made….”You made that! How did you make that mummy?”

Needless to say a farmyard animal was snaffled and I think daddy and nanny ran off with a Belgian jaffa and hot cross bun!

Maybe I should have sent off my work of art to the Tate before little fingers and hungry mouths returned today.

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