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Contouring palettes, Stila blushers and new MAC cosmetics

Last week I was really poorly and despite feeling better than I have in months my body clearly wasn’t having any of it and I broke out in horrendous shingles down my body.  Whilst the discomfort was unbearable it did mean that the nights I couldn’t sleep I got to browse loads of amazing blogs, YouTube tutorials and magazine articles about new beauty products.  In particular contouring palettes, concealers and spring palettes.

I don’t claim to be any kind of make up expert of rank myself up there as a beauty blogger but I know what I like and I know how I like my makeup to look.  There isn’t a day that goes by without me wearing my make up, it is part of me and I feel polished and professional when I wear it and believe that there is no excuse for not having time to do your make up on a daily basis.  The amount of products on the market now from good coverage BB creams to gorgeous face tanning gels you can add to your moisturiser it is really easy and quick to manage just one or two things in the morning.

My whole routine takes me no longer than thirty minutes to do and this is partly down to investing in professional make up brushes (they make the job a doddle) and also some good quality brands that I know will deliver time after time and suit my skin.

One thing I was missing though in my box of tricks was a good contouring palette.  Now if you’d have asked me six months ago what contouring was and how to do it I wouldn’t have had a clue, and if you are a contouring newbie like me it can be a scary thing to do on your own and practice runs are essential otherwise you can look like a mottled cow.

I found this brilliant video for contouring and highlighting from beauty blogger Rosita Applebum and watching this I was hooked on trying to get the hang of it and found her tutorial informative, easy to follow and loved the fact she mentioned all of the products she used.

Being in the UK some are easier to find than others and I invested in the Anastasia Beverley Hills contouring palette from BeautyBay after watching this as well as the NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard and the MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter.


I got most of the products I needed from BeautyBay and LookFantastic and direct from MAC. I couldn’t find the blusher she mentioned in her tutorial in the UK so treated myself to this soft Stila blusher duo which I liked because you have a darker shade for by your hairline and a paler shade for your cheeks so great for blending.  The MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter is a great pen that you twist to release the creamy wash of colour which blends easily into your skin and you only need one twist to do each side.


Refusing to pay £14 for a Beauty Blender I bought the £2.99 version on BeautyBay and have to say it is fabulous for blending concealer. The other products I treated myself too are already staples in my make up kit. A top of of mascara with my favourite Illamasqua as I love the big thick lashes I get with this when combined with my Younique Mascara set and following my review of the Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil in Sapphire I treated myself to the same pencil in black for creating a really defined eye as these pencils are just dreamy to work with.  I was also drawn by this gorgeous BeautyBay The Collection Flawless Rose eyeshadow palette which was a bargain at under £8 and so far I am impressed with the eyeshadows as they go on well, don’t crease, give good definition of colour and last all day.


My final purchase was for my eyebrows that had been given a shaping treat by local beauty salon Tan on Greenhill in Lichfield. Mel is a demon in eyebrows and totally changed the shape of mind so that my face looked less rounded and more angular. Using my Benefit Brow Zings kit I added to this with their Instant Brow Pencil and am loving creating defined brows which really do make or break your make up.

The weekend was the first time I’ve felt well enough to get up and have a go with all my gorgeous new products and I have to say I was nervous and apprehensive using the contouring kit but following the tutorial and playing with the shades and my brushes I began to get the hang of it.



This is the finished result on my first attempt primarily using the top middle, bottom right and bottom left colours in the contouring kit (I love that they are powders so can be blended easily and also that you can refill each of the pots when you run out).

The eyeliner in the picture is the Eye of Horus Goddess Eyeliner and as you can see gives a good defined line which is easy to blend and work onto your lid.  The blush used is the Stila Baked Cheek Duo which is now my favourite blush next to my MAC blush in Warm Glow. This pretty blush compact features two shades that complement each other and give a soft shimmer with a soft pink, delicate flush to your complexion. Baked on a terracotta disk, it glides smoothly onto skin giving a wash of sheer, beautiful colour and radiance.

The two photos below are having done my brows using the products mentioned above; I find a pencil and the brow kit easier to work with than the Anastasia Dip Pomade which I’ve tried previously as it doesn’t dry as fast and is much more workable if you don’t match up your eyes straight away.

benefit-brow-pencil clarins-infinite-foundation


I love updating my beauty box with new products and am not disappointed with these.  Have you found any new goodies for you box that you’d recommend?

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