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Christmas Gift Ideas: 5 Funky Gadgets

Thank you to the Mini Fridge team for this guest post about gadgets to make the festive period a bit less of a headache.  My family are gadget mad and my mum and dad have a tradition that every year they will find a kitchen gadget for me and my brother to amuse us whilst cooking.  Last year we both got mini food choppers that were a saviour for slicing onions, garlic and chillies with just a press of a button!

Entertaining relatives and friends at Christmas can involve a great deal of work, not least in the kitchen. With that in mind we’ve found some funky kitchen gadgets that will make unique Christmas gift ideas, and will provide some light relief for the time you spend in the kitchen.

Mini Chocolate Fountain

Always fun, always delicious: these mini chocolate fountains make the perfect centrepiece for any children’s party, and also provide a unique and memorable dessert option. Larger versions are available, but for a Christmas gift, we like this mini model: small in stature, large in entertainment value.

Wine Bottle Chiller

Entertaining at Christmas time isn’t just about preparing food, of course. Any medium to large festive gathering is highly likely to involve the consumption of more than a few drinks. With the turkey and who knowshow much else filling up valuable fridge space, it’s not always possible to keep all of the wine and Champagne your guests will be quaffing chilled to perfection. Enter the Fontaine Wine Bottle Chiller. This ingenious device is capable of chilling individual wine bottles within a matter of minutes. It works by coating the bottle in jets of near freezing water, and is extremely quick – a very important consideration when there’s wine to be drunk.

Wine and Drinks Fridge

Another option is to consider a dedicated wine fridge. This model is small in size, with a minimal footprint, and makes an attractive addition to kitchen surfaces, as well as being extremely practical. Its thermoelectric technology cools wine bottles by up to ten degrees in less than thirty minutes, and fifteen degrees within an hour.

15 Litre Coloured Mini Fridge

Of course, it may not only be wine bottles that need to be kept cool and accessible, which makes having a mini fridge on hand such a good idea. A simple thermoelectric cooler such as this 15 Litre Coloured Mini

Fridge doesn’t break the bank, and is an excellent means of keeping drinks cool. Small, sleek and funky, mini fridges can also make handy additions to bedrooms, desktops and living rooms. Available in a range of pleasing colours and with an attractive design, a mini fridge like this one is a Christmas gift idea with a lot potential.

Home Popcorn Maker

When the party’s over and all the cooking, entertaining and clearing up is done, one of the best ways to relax is put your feet up with a Christmas movie. The perfect accompaniment, of course, is popcorn, but the fact is that the shop-bought variety just doesn’t taste the same.

This home popcorn maker is an affordable solution, giving delicious ‘night-at-the-movies’ popcorn in the comfort and warmth of your own living room. Perfect for Christmas, perfect with children, a home popcorn maker is a unique Christmas gift that can be enjoyed all year round.

For more details on the Christmas gift ideas mentioned here, visit www.minifridge.co.uk

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  1. Having an extra fridge just for drinks would be a real godsend in my house at Christmas, it’s usually stuffed with food and leftovers and we have to resort to chilling drinks outside or in the garage.

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