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It’s Wellies Weather

The weather the last few weeks has meant pretty much any form of attractive shoe when leaving the house has become a soggy sodden mess very quickly.  At the childminders Miss Roo has taken her pair of Poconido wellingtons to play outdoors in and this has at least saved most of the footwear taking a battering, but at home her old wellies were too small and we needed to get some new ones.  When the snow hit it was clear that it was time for some proper snow style wellies and I remember fondly  my moon boots from the early 80’s and secretly hankered after getting Miss Roo a pair.

children's wellies by clarksUnfortunately, they don’t seem to be a must have revival footwear item and I wasn’t able to find any exactly like mine but I did some find some fantastic children’s wellies by Clarks that came pretty close.  I’d never really considered Clarks for wellies before but I suppose even wellingtons come in width fittings and with the higher priced snow shoes I wanted to make sure that whatever I bought for Roo was right for her feet as like me she’s got quite wide feet and sometimes the cheaper commercial wellies have been too narrow and caused her blisters.

After some browsing online through the selection available we opted for the rather smart Snow Girl boots in purple fabric.   With a chunky rubber sole for added protection and a double rip-tape fastening straps the boots are easy to adjust for a perfect fit. I’d had Roo’s feet measured a few weeks ago for some Clarks boots anyway and knew she was a size 10 and  luckily they had the size in stock and with a saving of £10 they were even better value. snow boots for kids

The wellies arrived quickly and they’ve been perfect for our snowy adventures recently and also sloshing through the horrible ice and muck as the snow eventually started to melt.  They fitted Roo’s feet perfectly and even with chunky socks on haven’t given her blisters.

Thanks to the easy velcro tabs they are also really quick and easy for her to put on herself so have encouraged a bit of that independent dressing that she’s starting to get the hang of more and more.

To view the full range of children’s wellies by Clarks click here and you can quickly search by boys or girls and there are still some items in their winter sale.


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