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The dilemma of choosing children’s bed linen

What is it with kids, they are never happy with something.  Either you give them the wrong cereal for breakfast or the clothes you’ve picked to wear aren’t ‘cool enough’.  Recently Roo has been moaning about the kids bedlinen we had chosen for her room saying that it wasn’t pretty enough and she didn’t like the colours.  Her previous duvet was just a plain pink one with some dots on and to be fair wasn’t that interesting to be honest and didn’t really fit into any theme of her bedroom which as pale grey walls and a big retro wall sticker on the one side.

She had been pointing animatedly at a Hello Kitty duvet set in the supermarket but the quality wasn’t that great and at £10 I wasn’t convinced it was going to last.  So I got surfing the web late last night and whilst browsing the new children’s bedlinen range on the Littlewoods website I came across this gorgeous Liberty Art Strawberry Fields Hello Kitty duvet set that I instantly fell in love with.  I loved the fact that it wasn’t sickly pink and the combination of the hot pink and the lime green in the duvet would make a really bright contrast against her pale grey walls.

I already have an old pine chair which could easily be painted (with some help from Daddy E) like the one in the picture, to accessorise her bedroom and I love the matching cushion to go on the bed to complete the look.  The mix of the duvet is polyester and cotton so it should iron nicely and the price was what I would expect to pay for a good quality kids character duvet set.

I thought that for children’s bed linen the set looked really grown up and instantly remembered that Roo had said she wanted a nice toy box in her room to store some of her toys away as she kept bumping her head when pulling them out from under the bed.

As I was already on the Littlewoods website I headed over to their kids furniture section and found this really lovely simple white ottoman box.  I loved the fact the lid opened up to store toys in and thought the curved sides were really cute and a nice alternative to traditional straight sided furniture.  The ottoman came in at £65 and I opted for just the plain white colour scheme as I couldn’t quite see how close the pink edges were as a colour match to the pink in the Hello Kitty Strawberry Fields duvet.

Although I paid for both my items outright, Littlewoods do offer a payment scheme allowing mum’s to budget these items into their weekly shop and spread the cost so this would be helpful when trying to revamp a room on a tight budget.

Now all I have to wait for is the delivery man to bring the items and for Daddy E to get putting them all together!  Hopefully the assembly won’t be like the famous Toy Cupboard episode of Peppa Pig!

3 thoughts on “The dilemma of choosing children’s bed linen

  1. Thank you mummyblogger! Now I will buy the thomas duvet set and the curtains to match it! It will go perfectly with the bed that I bought for DS here the other day. Just waiting for the bed to be delivered any day now. Ooohh I love love love it! Im sure DS will love it as much as I do! Im so getting a big tight hug from him for sure! He loves thomas the train. So Im sure everything will be perfect. Thanks again for sharing this link. Kudos to http://www.littlewoods.com for all the cute bed lines!

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