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Little Eyes Are Watching You

children copy parentsMiss Roo did amuse me yesterday.  It had been a pretty busy day and she was tired when I picked her up from summer club.  I don’t know what it was but both of us were feeling really yucky, deflated, hot, bothered and a little queasy.

I picked her up and said we should go home, get our pyjamas on and snuggle under the duvet for some movie time together.  Miss Roo agreed and we both quietly drove home – the weather was humid, I hadn’t eaten all day bar a ham cob my mum bought me after the hairdressers and so put it down to that.

We got home, we got changed.  We made a cup of tea like we always do and sat under the blanket together snuggling watching Tiny Pop and playing the new Dr Panda apps on the iPad.  The I said I had to go and start cooking dinner as I wanted us all to eat together as it was mine and Daddy E’s 10 year wedding anniversary yesterday.  I told Roo I was just going to pop the hoover round and tidy the house, I got out our hoover to clean the wood floor and thought nothing more about it.

Then the phone rang.  Like most people I do that thing of walking around with a phone and ended up in the kitchen absent mindedly chopping onions and peppers for our meatballs for tea.  Then I heard the hoover and wondered what on earth was going on.

I put the phone down quickly and popped my head around the door.  There much to my amusement was Miss Roo using the hoover pushing it around the floor, just like she’d seen me do a million times.  She was doing a sterling job even remembering to push the soft brush bar so as not to scratch the floor.  Her little face turned to me and smiled, she piped up ‘just helping out mummy because we’re a team’.

It made me smile and realise just how much our children learn from what they see us do and how they will imitate our behaviour.  So this funny e-card about children imitating their parents seemed totally appropriate for this post today….



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