Childhood Memories

family memoriesIn an era where technological development seems to move at the speed of light, the recent past has never seemed so distant. Curiously, this means that even people born in the early 1990s have childhood memories that make even 20 years ago seem like a long-lost golden age.

A world where we still had seasonal weather that made sense, where the internet was a curio you might have heard of in passing, but was essentially mysterious to all but a few IT geeks. This was also perhaps the last era in which you might have received actual handwritten letters from friends or relatives among your paper utility bills.


Childhood memories evoke a realm of safety and security for many people – with memories triggered by toys, pop songs or even cartoons – and this is why they are precious, not because we think the past was necessarily a better place.

This post was inspired by a new interesting survey conducted by Betta Living about childhood memories across the UK and how they are influenced by geographical location. It’s worth checking out; you may have a few pleasant flashbacks yourself!

My favourite memory as a child….well that would be the shop on the high street that I used to call the ‘jelly tot shop’ and every day after school I was allowed to get a 10p mix which was the highlight of my day!

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  1. I remember growing up with cassette tapes, VCR and when penny chews were a penny then things like the internet, blue-ray DVD players and iPads weren’t thought about let alone brought, the only apple we had was the fruit kind lol a complete opposite to my son he will remember all these gadgets and fab things we have today and no doubt many better things I mean his five and knows how to use a iPad I’m 32 and still learning lol how times change hey

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