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I just cannot lose the baby weight…

When I fell pregnant with Addison in 2007 I didn’t realise adjust my eating habits. I didn’t suffer from cravings of any kind and I was terribly sick until week 30 with horrendous morning sickness. However, some how I managed to put on nearly 3 stone in weight during my pregnancy.

I’ve always had body issues and been conscious of the fact I am slighter larger than most of my friends and I struggle to maintain and sort of diet or lose weight through exercise. I’ve tried all sorts of diets including Weight Watchers, Atkins etc and have even been on medication via my GP to breakdown the fat I eat within my pretty healthy diet. I don’t eat excessive amounts of processed foods, in fact I cook every night a meal from scratch with fresh vegetables and fish or meat. I don’t gorge on chocolate but I do enjoy 3 – 4 glasses of wine a week.

After I gave birth in 2008 I naturally assumed that the baby weight would just fall off me. I was unable to breast feed but ate a healthy diet. However, three years on I still have most of the baby weight, cannot get rid of my “mummy tummy”, do not like the sight of myself in a mirror and am generally disgusted at the way I look in clothes and out of them. As for my boobs….by god they’ve just kept getting bigger and now I’m lugging around huge 38E boobs that wouldn’t look out of place in a dodgy top shelf movie! Some women would kill for them but I would actually kill to be rid of these and back to my tiny C cup pre-pregnancy boobs.

I am at a point in my life where I am feeling incredibly frumpy, am fed up of not being able to find clothes that fit me in the high-street and I am not even going to touch on the effect that my weight gain has on my bedroom life with my other half.

So why is it so hard to lose the baby weight after you’ve baby and just how on earth do celebrities and other mum’s manage it?

Don’t sit there and tell me to exercise.

I really don’t know where I would find the time; I am up at 6:15 every day to get Addison and husband out the door. I then throw myself in the shower at 7:30 and into the car for 8:15 and at work from either 9:00 – 3:30 or 10:00 – 4:30. I then pick Addison up from school, come home, do the housework or the ironing, wait for husband to come home, get Addison into the bath and bed for 7:30pm, come downstairs, cook dinner eat between 8:00 and 8:30, watch an hour of TV or study for my open university course and then go to bed.

I tried Wii Fit every day for just over a month and although I lost inches around my body my weight didn’t drop off and my BMI actually increased. Something tells me that isn’t supposed to happen!

I realistically need something I can do in a 15 minute window. Something I can do that is going to keep me entertained as I get bored very very easily. I want something that I can do at home, that doesn’t involved me spending £60 in JJB to look like an extra for the next version of The Incredibles.

Surely – someone out there has got an exercise system that will help me lose weight, improve posture and have fun! Really are those three things so hard for someone to come up with in this day and age?

So mummy’s of the world share me your tips. What’s the best exercise programme you’ve come across that works for you? Did you shed your baby pounds at the drop of a hat, or like me are you still carrying around an extra space tyre or two and convincing yourself that because winter is here it will save on your heating bill!

4 thoughts on “I just cannot lose the baby weight…

  1. I do yoga, that seems to work for me, and only one class a week but a lil bit here and there at night. With my first baby the weight just fell off but with my second it took a couple of months. xx

  2. Ma’am, I believe I can help. In fact, I know I can. MuTu® System is a 12 week holistic programme (you get the full programme plus 12 videos delivered to your computer over 12 weeks) of workouts – actually the workouts last about 12 minutes, not 15… 😉 core restoration (that’s finding your tummy), postural correction & motivational boosts. It’s not 12 weeks to ‘go on’ & then ‘come off, its 12 weeks that puts you on a completely maintain-able long term plan to stay lean, strong & yes, hopefully to help you find a little of your mojo along the way as well. The link tells you more. Please tweet/FB email me for more help or if you have any questions. Or search #mutusystem or ask Twitter Mums & Moms what they think! xx


  3. I would definitely recommend Jane Wake’s DVD – she specialises in ante-natal and post-natal fitness and has also been the fitness expert for Lorraine Kelly on ITV. I was lucky enough to do her classes but I also used the DVD and would definitely recommend it! It’s more than just an exercise DVD – there is advice on nutrition and there are various different exercise sections – some that are just 10-15 mins long so perfect for you if you’re time-strapped (who isn’t!!). Althgough it’s technically a pre-post natal DVD I’d say it would be relevant for all mums getting back into shape because of the consideration given to time contraints etc

    When I was training with Jane the best advice I got was on portion control – I was eating the right things but just too much of them – particularly bread and pasta – and not enough fruit or veg (even though I’m a vegetarian and do eat my five a day most days!) so if you can research portion sizes I think that would really help. Not sure where but I’m sure something would come up from a google search!

    The other thing that’s part of Jane’s programme that I have continued is the wonders of pilates. You can see a difference by doing a small amount a day but I have to say i think you do need to do some classes to get the knack because the movements are so small that it’s hard to tell if you’re doing it right without someone helping you.

    I think Boots sell the DVD or you can find Jane on Twitter .

    Good luck!

  4. Powerplates! It totally worked for me when I was losing weight for my wedding and it’s super quick. Expensive though, that’s the only down side. I put on 5 stone in pregnancy – eek! I’m halfway through losing it… x

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