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Buying New Pillows for Sleepy Heads

uk mummy bloggerThis Monday night was not a pleasant night, projectile vomiting and a very sick Roo lead to lots of baths, mopping up and the fall out from Operation Vomit is that Roo needed a new pillow as her current one got so soaked that it was hideous when it came out the washing machine.  So queue an emergency online shopping spree for pillows whilst she was home on Tuesday.

To be honest the first pillow I bought for Roo was a pillow for a toddler bed and in all honesty is a bit small for her full size single bed, so in hindsight this was a good opportunity to purchase a good quality full size pillow for her.  Like me she loves her bed and her sleep and so I started browsing the range online.  Who knew there were so many types of pillow?  It really is quite a confusing world.  There are pillows that cost over £200! If I bought one of those then I think that I would never want to get out of bed to get value for money.

new pillows

Eventually after staring at the screen for what seemed like an eternity I plumped (sorry for the pillow pun) for a medium support goose feather and down pillow that had got five stars on the reviews and was under £30.  With the weather so bad I resisted the temptation to pick up from my local store and saved the petrol and had it delivered to home.

The pillow arrived promptly this morning and I’ve quickly tested it with a sneaky power nap on the sofa and it’s really comfy and very supportive.  I like the fact that they are machine washable too, although I am hoping that we don’t have another Operation Vomit any time soon.

Now the next part of the clean up operation is to find a new mattress the weekend as the one on the bed is over 30 years old as Miss Roo is in my bed and I reckon it’s probably due a change!

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