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BRITA Marella Water Jug Review

Brita Marella Water Jug ReviewI have to admit I am rubbish at drinking water.  I don’t like the taste of tap water and the price of bottled water is not something I want to factor into the weekly shopping list.

We live a medium hard water area but our water has a strong fluroide taste at time and unless I add squash it’s not that pleasant, plus it’s never ice ice cold.  So when the team at Brita sent me their Marella water jug to review I was looking forward to having cool, fresh, filtered water at the pour of a jug.

As part of their ‘Better with BRITA’ campaign BRITA  are hoping to get more people realising the benefits of using filtered water in cooking.  Most of the families in the UK use tap water for cooking (I am among them too) ; and as we all know tap water contains chlorine, lime scale and other impurities which can affect the way our meals and drinks taste. I have seen BRITA jugs in stores and my mum even had one of the first BRITA water filters when they came out but for me it’s never been a kitchen must have.

Behind the Better with BRITA campaign is celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner.

Lisa Faulkner Cookery Book

Lisa Faulkner, author of bestselling cookery book ‘Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter’ and presenter of TV show ‘What’s Cooking? Lisa has joined forces with BRITA and comments, “We don’t often think about it but water is actually one of the biggest ingredients in cooking. If you love food like I do, using the best ingredients and getting the most out of them is so important: I often spend hours food shopping and looking for quality produce. BRITA filtered water allows the best qualities and flavours of these ingredients to shine through.”

Putting the Marella jug together takes seconds and is incredibly easy, you don’t even need to read the instructions.  Rinse all the parts through and then put the filter in the jug and away you go.  Ten minutes later you have a beautiful jug of filtered fresh water.  The jug is slimline and stores brilliantly in my fridge door next to my milk.  The Marella jug has a built in filter timer so you can even see when it’s time to replace the filter (a filter lasts around 3 months and they are fully recylcable)  After an hour I went back to the fridge and had a cool jug of water to make a refreshing elderflower squash.

Brita Marella Water jug

When I used the BRITA jug I could sense the change in the taste;  the water tasted so fresh and nice my drink had none of the metallic after taste I was used to with standard tap water.  It was great also for taking up to my office and topping up my glass during the day – the first time I’ve really made the effort to drink lots and stay hydrated during the day.

I was impressed by the jug’s simple technology; the filters contain a mix of activated carbon and ion exchange which reduces chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and other organic impurities, giving you cleaner, clearer, great tasting water. This Marella jug is slim, elegant and has beautiful colours (I have one in a pale blue colour).

It’s been a great gadget to add to the kitchen and has led to us all drinking a lot more water throughout the day which can only be a good thing, as a bonus it also looks good is affordable and effective.

So have I used my jug for cooking a recipe yet?  Yes is the answer.  

One of the dishes we eat a lot in our house is rice and risotto dishes.  These use a fair amount of water to make the stock to flavour the risotto and also for general cooking of the rice.  In Lisa’s brilliant cookery book there is a recipe for a gorgeous basmati pilau rice that is freshened up with peas, broad bean, mint and lemon juice.  She serves this with lamb but for Daddy E and I the rice on it’s own made an amazing evening meal and is so quick and simple to make, perfect after a busy day.


This meal has become a favourite in our house now and really is delicious and using the BRITA filtered water kept the rice fluffy but not overly soft and adding in a few squeezes of lemon juice gives the dish a really zesty tang.  I’ve also used filtered water to make pancakes, the sauces for some curries and there is a difference to the taste of the food especially when our local water has had a treatment passed through the pipes. It’s now pretty automatic for me to reach for my BRITA Marella water jug when cooking as it’s a part of my cooking repertoire.

The Brita Marella jugs are available from many high street stores including John Lewis and prices for the water jugs start from around £21.

Disclaimer: This is a review post. We were sent a Brita Marella water jug for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and this post cannot be reproduced without prior permission.

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