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Beauty Triumphs with Braun…

beauty must havesI’m super excited to be heading down to London next Friday for a bit of an indulgent treat with my friends at Braun and being part of their #Braunmetime pamper event.  With all the changes at MBHQ right now it’s become pretty important to look after myself and make sure I am firing on all cylinders.

So I admit I’ve stepped up my beauty regime to not only look my best for prospective suitors but also because at this time of year it’s easy to slip into bad habits and forget to look after and nourish ourselves and our bodies.

One of my favourite Braun beauty gadgets that I bought about 6 months ago has to be my epilator.  Now before I started using an epilator I’d been a shaving / waxing girl.  However, in the winter particularly I find shaving irritates and chafes my skin and so usually from about September onwards I switch to my epilator through till around about April.  It suits me and my skin better.

Braun Skin Spa

But for those who are new to this method of hair removal, how do you start epilating and what should you bear in mind when thinking of purchasing an epilator?

How is the Braun SkinSpa different from other epilators on the market?

For the first time new Braun SkinSpa combines the most efficient Wet & Dry epilator with an innovative exfoliation brush for touchably smoother and visibly more radiant skin. Thus, it offers two state of the art beauty treatments in one single device. Based on the spa philosophy of ‘Remove and Restore’, SkinSpa removes unwanted hair whilst its exfoliation brush restores natural beauty and radiance. Superior to wax at removing short hairs and four times better than a manual exfoliation scrub alone, SkinSpa delivers results comparable to a professional treatment from the comfort of your own bathroom.

What’s the benefit of combining exfoliation with epilation?

Braun Silk-épil epilators remove hair efficiently from the root in one stroke thanks to optimally positioned tweezers. Braun SkinSpa removes hair as small as a grain of sand or 0.5mm which is four times shorter than wax. The main benefit of epilation is long-lasting, smooth, hair-free skin for up to four weeks. To ensure your skin glows with natural radiance, it’s also important to exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs.

Should you exfoliate before or after epilating?

You shouldn’t exfoliate intensively directly before or after epilating as it may leave your skin feeling delicate. But it is important to exfoliate regularly to keep skin smooth, glowing and healthy as well as to help prevent ingrown hairs. I  recommend leaving a few days in between epilation and exfoliation.

Is epilating painful? How can you minimise epilation pain?

The imagined pain hurdle can put people off from trying epilating, but they are often surprised by the low level of pain they actually experience. The pain diminishes with use. The second time you use your epilator, only 30% of hairs have regrown so pain is diminished by two thirds. Braun have also incorporated an integrated massage system in the head of the SkinSpa, which masks the pain by stimulating other nerves and leads to surprisingly low discomfort.

My top tip to beat the pain is to go easy and relax. Also try epilating under water with a specially designed Wet & Dry epilator such as Braun SkinSpa. Hold skin tightly and do small areas at first. Your hairs should be short. If they are too long shave first and then wait a day or two.  The Braun SkinSpa is available to purchase this winter at Boots for £99.98

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